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Had this for Christmas, used it once and it was fine. Connected to PC and Garmin website suggested system update so I did this and now it doesn't work. I get the initial Garmin screen and "system software missing" above. Also the unit is no longer recognised by the PC.

I have read about holding the on (slider) button on for 60 sec this does not work.

What is the point of suggesting an upgrade when it just fowls up the system.

Help please



GPS: garmin 255w

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I would suggest contacting thier customer service department. If you try their phone numbers right now it takes 15 minutes to get through to customer service and then another 20 to get to thier software department. You may want to try to return it back to the store of origin. May need to get the receipt form the gift giver.
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The same thing happened to me. I got the System Software Missing message when I attempted to update the map. It took a service call to Garmin to determine that I needed to speak to the software department with Garmin.

During service call number two, they were able to reinstall my software over the Internet with the Nuvi 250 connected to a PC. No need to mail my unit to the service centre in Quebec.

Only complaint that I might have is that the technician that took my first phone call did not have the experience to refer me to the software department right away and I was waiting on hold for one hour first call and 45 minutes the second time to reach customer service.

My unit working just fine now with the new 2009 North American map.


GPS: Nuvi 765T

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Please performing hard reset... might resolved ya problem... (press and hold bottom right corner while turn on power), as it's explained here:
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I Have this "Software Missing Issue" on my 655t rino. I've tried a hard rested, pulled the battery, etc. I'm an IT tech so comfortable on computers. Any straight directions on how to move forward would be appreciated. Issue started after a webupdate software update attempt.

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