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Just in case if you need to contact Garmin's Customer Product Support:

Garmin phone number: 1-800-800-1020 or 1-913-397-8200 (USA)
Garmin phone (Canada): (913) 397-8200 or 1-866-429-9296
Garmin UK phone support: 0870 850 1242, +44 (0)870 850 1242 (Garmin Europe)
Garmin UK helpline number: 0808 238 0000 (Free phone within UK)
Garmin Europe phone support: +44-870-8501242 (Outside UK, Europe, Africa and Middle East)
Garmin UK helpline number: 0808 238 0000 (Free phone within UK)
Garmin GPS Australia: 1800 235 822 (Garmin helpline free phone number)
Garmin NZ contact phone: 0800 427 652
Garmin Austria - Phone: 43 (0) 3133 3181 0
Garmin Belgium - Phone: 00 32 2 663 78 03, 00 32 2672 5254
Garmin Denmark - Phone: 00 45 4810 5050
Garmin Finland - 00 358 9 6937 9758, 00 358 19 311 001
Garmin France phone support: 00 331 55 69 33 99, +33 01 55 17 81 89 (France)
Garmin Germany phone support: 01806 427646, +49 (0) 89 / 858364 880 (Germany)
Garmin Italy phone support: + (Italy)
Garmin Portugal - Garmin helpline number: 00 35 1214 447 460
Garmin Spain phone support: +34-902 007 097 or 00 34 933 572 608 (Spain)
Garmin Sweden - Phone: 00 46 7744 52020

Garmin Southern Africa: 0861 427 646 (Garmin), +27 11 251 9999, Fax: +27 011 251 9799
Garmin SA postal address: First Floor, 5 Sturdee Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg 2196

Garmin Australia: 1800 235 822 (Australia toll free help line) Mail address: Unit 19, 167 Prospect Highway, Seven Hills. NSW 2147




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I was talking to a human in a minute.


GPS: Garmin Nuvi 1450T

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Anonymous wrote:
I was talking to a human in a minute.

Be extremely thankful... On the past three occasions that I have had o call support during the last week in october 2008, my shortest wait was 18 minutes with my longest being 34 minutes.

Either Garmin are very short staffed, or there could be lots of problems with Garmin products.
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GPS: Garmin Oregon 550t, Kenwood DNX5240BT

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Garmin UK are excellent I have been dealing with them for nearly 10 years, they are very helpful and their replacement service is extremely prompt (by return of post).
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UK User


Post Second Faulty Forerunner 305     
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The worst customer service and support that I have experienced in my life.

Problem: Garmin 305 doesn't connect easily with satellite and the upload on Garmin connect shows different data from the ones displayed on the device.

Called customer service and the waiting time has been anything from 35-50 minutes. Finally, I got through and a Prima Dona wannabe called Aimee asked me the same questions with regard to the nature of the problem about 5-6 times and the approach was that the caller was an idiot and the attitude was that it is best that we torture the caller and cross reference again and again rather than listing rationalising and wanting to help and troubleshoot existing problem.
Then, a bright light bulb lit and indicated that they have problems with the website over the last weeks and the issue was with the site and "CERTAINLY" not with the device and it best that I wait a few days and try again. Not sure how she has reached this conclusion but hey....

I re-elaborated, once more, that the problem extends beyond the current weeks she was talking about and dates back to months now. I repeated that I have called twice and 2 of her colleagues have asked me to reboot the device which I did but the issue is still exactly the same. Then she put me on hold and went to check with her supervisor.
Came back and we went through the same Spanish Inquisition. Same questions over and over. Not sure whether she comprehended the nature of the problem, was on her cloud nine rather than doing her job, or basically has been trained by Garmin to repel any problems and push for a new purchase.

BTW, brace yourselves...this was the second faulty device that I have received. Initial one was purchased from a very reputed store in London was sent out within warranty time and I have inherited this faulty replacement that I continue to face issues with ever since the first time that I have switched it on.

Back to Ms Knowledgeable Aimee, she finally conceded and we have settled to send out the device for check.

I posted the device and within 4 days, an email reply was sent by the one and only Ms Aimee indicating that they have done their own check and have concluded that there was no fault with the device, it is in perfect working condition but the cable/lead that I was using not a a genuine Garmin (Please note that this is the same lead/cable that was in a sealed boxed once Garmin was purchased).
So, I waited another 3 weeks and the device didn't show up. In the interim a new email lands into my inbox with a link to a survey asking whether I was satisfied with the service and that the problem has been resolved. Puzzling!!!!???

So I rang again (wait time was 45 mins this time) and it was my best luck again with Garmin as the same Ms Aimee answered the phone!!!!???. ...I queried about the dispatch of the device; so, she put me on hold and came back saying she at the moment she cannot retrieve it but added that she will look into this and get back to me.
48 hrs later a new email was received indicating that the Garmin has been dispatched via UPS. Amen , I said. Finally we're getting somewhere after over 6 weeks of waiting time and investigative questions and engagements with Ms Aimee that resemble one is on the dentist chair going through the extraction of all wisdom teeth at once and without any sedation.

Hallelujah, The Famous Device finally arrived about 1 hr ago and to my shock the initial problem is still there. Device is currently sitting outside in the plain air for the last hour looking for the satellite and is unable to connect.

I leave this to your personal reflections; however, mine point towards the assumption that the very faulty device was not even touched or looked at in the first place.
Exceptionally appalling experience!!!

For the benefit of the doubt, I waited an additional 15 minutes - so now device been out waiting for satellite 75 mins and not connection.
I will submit this review and take the device to a newly building site to burry it under the big 6 wheels truck and go and look for a device from a different manufacturer. Garmin use to have a good name compatible with reliability and service. Not any more.


GPS: Garmin 590LM Zumo

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I have used Garmin products since the days of the Emap unit. Garmin's customer support was pretty bad back in the day as was their map unlock code rules. However, in recent has greatly improved their phone service (last call they picked up on the first ring) and have included Lifetime Maps as part of the cost of the unit so the map codes are more transparent to the user.
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Post GARMIN not allowing search for destination     
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It's no good trying to contact Garmin by phone. You hold for the rest of your life! I have an urgent problem and I am now desperate to find some way to resolve this issue. not a happy granny :twisted:


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Just called Garmin. Had a problem w/Garmin 55lm down loading map updates.
They tried, WOULD NOT WORK, so they sent me a new unit n/c, and I didn't even have to send the old one back.

Thank you Garmin Customer Service! You are the best!

UK customer


Post Training Edge 200     
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Tried to contact Garmin via Learning Centre for training on Edge 200 (as per their enclosed recommendation) - waste of time, no training/help on that site. Garmin talk the talk, forget trying to get them to walk the walk, once you have purchased they are not interested. Garmin Customer Service - doesn't exist!


GPS: Zumo660

Post Garmin have been awesome     
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Garmin have been awesome - I have had a Garmin 660, the first had some issues and Garmin replaced it with minimum fuss. The one I have now has not missed a beat in over 4 years.
I will be sticking with Garmin. Very Happy
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Post Useless     
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2nd product in 2 weeks, tried support only open Monday to Friday... Bring back my old GPS ( owned for 7 years never a problem )



Post up dates     
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I purchased a Lifetime updates from Garmin. I live in North Carolina but travel to the northeast and other parts of the USA. It seems each year I receive less on my up- date. This year I only received the southern USA and Mexico. I feel that the Garmin people are ripping me off and besides Mexico, why me. My last name is derived from Italian Heritage and Spanish.
I want my system up dates to include North America or Canada, NOT MEXICO, and if you don't want to give lifetime up dates you should't offer them.
Sam Cimino


GPS: Garmin 590LM Zumo

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I contacted Garmin support last week. There was no wait time! I have used Garmin since the days of Emap and the old days Garmin's technical support wait time was terrible but seems they have added lots of techs to answer the phone. -JEP-
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Post I'd rather walk...     
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Initial download stopped with 20 min remaining. Don't know what to do. Just binned Tom Tom as was hopeless. Would go back to paper maps if it was just me. Sad

Don H


Post Nuvi map updating     
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My nuvi 1490 has been sitting at step 3 0f 3 updating maps for 12hours, all that time indicating time remaining 58 minutes. What should I do? Is it safe to disconnect or will it be corrupted. I did not appreciate that "lifetime updates" meant that updates take a lifetime

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