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Thanks to persistence of a single Desnav user, we added TSV files for Desnav:

- Copy downloaded files to your device or SD card folder: /Desnav/Favorites/Import
POI's imported to Desnav are imported as "Favorites"
- Restart DesNav and goto POI -> FAVORITES -> EDIT FAVORITES
- Click on the "Favorites" import icon
- Select the files you want to import and confirm to import your new POI's
- To activate/deactivate imported POIs goto OPTIONS -> MAP -> FAVORITES
- To set camera alerts goto OPTIONS -> ALERTS -> POI ALERTS

I hope he'll add this POI file format to our GPS POI Editor.

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Thanks Mark

I have uploaded some files, I hope I have uploaded them correctly, I cannot supply a POI editor tool because I don't believe one is available, I have to create all files using XL save as .CSV (comma separated) the change to file extension from .csv to .tsv this seems to be the only i can do it. I will be happy to create .csv files and upload if not already on the gps site, but will not be able to test them, are you guys able to test them before making available.

Again a big thank you and hopefully you will get some more DESNAV users.
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I just updated our online POI Editor to export Desnav TSV files. You can convert your CSV, OV2, KML or GPX files to TSV file format.
I hope it works... I cannot test it as I do not use Desnav.




GPS: Garmin Montana & Desvanv for ChineseIn-dash

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Thank you. Desnav was the only WinCE 6 compatible navigation I could get working on my Chinese in-dash radio/gps. This was really helpful. Very Happy
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in GPS Software and Gadgets forum Reply to topic Desnav TSV POI file format
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