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A few common Volkswagen/Skoda/Seat RNS questions answered:

How can I download RNS POI files?
Go to our POI Zone, select your country, category and file(s), press the Download button and select the RNS SatNav POI option (One-click-updates).

How it works?
First select (add to cart) all files that you need. Press the Download button to download the DB3 file with all selected POIs.

Can I download test/demo DB3 files?
You can use our DB3 files if you can inspect POI's in your existing DB3 files with our POI Editor, or use DB3 files created with our DB3 POI Editor.

How can I update my RNS?
Save downloaded DB3 file to your USB drive or SD card into the x://PersonalPOI/ folder, disconnect USB/SD from your computer, insert it into your RNS and follow the prompts:
[Setup] -> [Navigation] -> [My Points of Interest] ->[Import]
than go to
[Setup] -> [Map] -> [Select Map Details] and select permanent POIs (Safety/Private/...)

What format is RNS-510 POI file
We provide DB3 POI file format.

I want to download some POI files. Do I have to register?
No, you don't. RNS POI files are available to our guests.

I am not a member. Can I download RNS POIs at a country level.
Yes, guests can download RNS POIs at a country level.

Can I download RNS POIs with phones numbers and addresses.
Yes, you can download full POI info (including coordinates, address and phone number), where available.

Where do I enter my username and PIN number?
Go to our Log in page and enter your username and PIN. Please keep your RNS POI files and access details safe.

I am a member. I cannot find the Add to Cart button?
Log out before you press the Download button. Add to Cart button is available on our main POI downloads page.

I am a member. Where can I enter my PIN number?
First log in with your guest username and PIN number. Than log in with your member username and password.
This way you will export all Personal POIs (from your Protected POI Zone) to your RNS-510 file. Do not forget to log out after you finish.

Can you add more features to the DB3 POI Editor?
As a public demand driven site, we can change/add more features to our POI Editor if you need it. For example, our member asked for a tool to join RNS-510 DB3 POI files:

What's the limit? How many personal and public POIs can I save to my RNS POI file.
Many, certainly more than you will ever try.

I am a guest. Where can I ask if I have a question?
You can ask or find an answer in our GPS Forum:

What private info do you keep and share with others?
None. We cannot share your personal details for a simple reason: we do not ask you for any personal details.

Can I share your files with others?
Sorry, you can't. All downloaded POI files are for your personal use only.

What's the catch? What is the fine print?



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I have read the instructions to download RNS-510 DB3 POI for Safety Cameras. I have tried lots of combinations, but still get an empty file. If I then upload it to POIEdit to see what is there and just one line.
-----,----,Log in to add a new Private POI
What am I doing wrong (I am logged in)? Sad
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Hi Keith,
Have you added any file to your cart? Select any/all files that you need and press the Download button to download your DB3 RNS POI file:
How it works?
First select (add to cart) all files that you need. Press the Download button to download the DB3 file with all selected POIs.

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I'm in need of some help.

I've downloaded the uk speed camera POI for my rns510 and put it onto my sd card. there was no 'x://PersonalPOI' folder on my sd card though so I just put speed camera POI directly onto the sd card.

I then put the sd card into my rns510 and followed the prompts 'setup' and then 'navigation'. when I got into navigation the 'my points of interest' wasn't lit up so I couldn't click on it.

Not sure what to do now.

Anyone's help will be much appreciated


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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in GPS Software and Gadgets forum Reply to topic RNS-510 POI Zone (VW RNS-510)
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