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I've had a Navman s80 for a while, but only just decided the maps & safety cameras need updating.

On the navman stores I can only get Navdesk desktop DVD with 2009.2 Map for my s80. Do I also need a map unlock key to use this? If so that's another bloody £40! Plus about the same for the safety camera updates....

...surely there's another, cheaper way to get map and safety camera updates to put onto my navman s80??!!

Please help!



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rogerthegooner wrote:

...surely there's another, cheaper way to get map and safety camera updates to put onto my navman s80??!!

Roger, you have 2 options:

Option 1: Buy another brand
Option 2: Camera updates



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I bought a Navman, registered it, when time for supposedly free update, their system didn't recognise me.

e-mailed support - no reply
e-mailed sales - no reply
tried phoning

Halfords were the seller but weren't interested as the unit works, "the upgrade is nothing to do with us"

I will never get another product from Navman/Mio

I tell all to but a TomTom or Garmin -as I will next time.


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I have S80
I also do not like Navman
You get nothing upgrading maps, also a pain.
Probably will try a different gps next time
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I went to a Garmin 765t 3 years ago, and have had great service and free map updates ever since.
Would not go near Navman again whilst all the bad reports and lack of service continue.
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Navman Support


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Hi all,

We no longer support map updates for the S80, but you can upgrade your unit to one of our newest MY-range with Lifetime free maps included.

If anyone has any concerns about their eligibility for free map promotions, you can contact Navman and this can be investigated for you.

Kind Regards,
Navman Support


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I too registered for the free update for my s80 when I purchased Navman back in 08/09.



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I have an S50, and don't see any map upgrade available. Why are map updates not supported? Is it to force people to buy a new satnav? My S50 has worked fine until recently when it takes a while to log on to satellites, may be because the battery has almost stopped working.

I will not buy a new satnav unless it comes with lifetime maps, and unlikely to be a Navman.



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I have a Navnam S70 3D with a lifetime free maps card with a product key code, but when I try to use for 1st time, Navman GPSe won't accept it. So much for lifetime one year on!


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Who, in their right mind, would ever buy a second product from a company who cannot provide up to date maps for an older product. What a useless brand.



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I've got Navman S80 and it's terrible. It cannot display most of the roads. How can I upgrade to one of the newest MY_range with life time maps plz? What should I do?
Help me out here



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I've had a Tom Tom and a Navman and was very disappointed with the quality and service from both companies. Friends seem to be happy with Garmin though. A better solution for us was to buy a dedicated GPS app for smart phones at a fraction of the cost of a GPS, with automatic updates as well. At the time we bought maps for the whole globe for about $40 and the software was a whole lot better than the stand alone GPS. It also doesn't use internet download so it doesn't cost anything to use and won't need mobile connection because it uses the satelites. Highly recommended. There are many apps on the market.



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I have a Navman s80 also with outdated maps. From the comments I've just read, think I'll give Navman a big swerve.
I have a Sony Xperia z3 compact, which was good for navigating for the first six months of use. Since then, it seems to have contracted Alzheimers as the GPS doesn't work and it can no longer show me how to achieve destinations. So I'm hunting for a reliable, dedicated navigation tool.
Thanks for this forum.
Marcus vM.



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I have an S80 and it worked fine for some years. I decided to change to a Garmin a couple of years ago. Now I am utterly disappointed in the Garmin after a recent French holiday. It kept sending us off down minor roads that were much slower than the intended main roads and of course were much bumpier. So I don't recommend Garmin either.
I'm trying to resurrect my S80 but as there seems to be a dearth of map updates I may have to buy a new device.



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Reason why Navman,Tom Tom, Road Angel, etc stop updates is to reduce resale SECOND HAND markets of their products. As I sell old Tom Tom after about 24 months, get a good resale second hand price for it, and buy a new TomTom with bells and whistles. FOR NEXT 2YRS and person that buy my old Tom Tom
gets good device that last them for yrs as well.

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