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GPS: Navman s90i

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Dear Navman,

The I-updata bit help us to help you sounds good (almost like the Garmin and Tom Tom) so I thought when I bought my first Navman S90i last year. Oh no, we report any discrepancies and they might get round to correcting it for a new map they may release in a year or two. Anyway my gripe is bought my second one Dec 08 (sold last one when got rid of the car) brand new from PC World of all places and it's still being sold with maps that were outdated when they were released in 2007. So come on, play fair. When you first register your satnav online you should also be able to download for free as a one off updated maps at the time and then pay for future map updates as needed. Isn't there a clause some where that goods have to be fit for purpose when sold, and selling a satnav with incorrect maps definitely isn't fit for purpose.
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I have just been bought a Navman 401. When I found that it was sending me across fields, etc.
I telephoned Navman to be told that the machine was 2006 and to update the maps would cost me some £69.95. I complained that this was bordering on fraud and was told that it was nothing to do with Navman but that I should take the matter up with the point of sale.

Why is there no initial downloadable up-date for UK Maps?


GPS: Navman s90i

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Just seems that their follow on "support" is lacking in that department. If they actually offered that service and advertised the fact then possibly more people would buy the Navman range rather than be easily persuaded to buy a Tom Tom or Garmin because of their "cute" factor.
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GPS: Navman n60i

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I bought my N60i 12 mths ago and they had old maps pre loaded and no new safety cameras installed.
I now wish I bought some other GPS.
Not happy
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Lost on West Brom


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I agree with all you people, the standard of the NavMan maps is unacceptable and some are many years out of date.

I'm certainly not buying an upgrade from them - would rather buy a brand with better software/customer service.

Why should we have to buy the product, inform them of map errors and then pay for an update to when we realise that the Navman's product is of an unuseable standard?


GPS: Navman S70 3D

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I recently bought an S70 3D. Comparing it to a Garmin Nuvi I have had for the past year, the maps seem to have the same information, although more detailed and better resolution.
I have the navdesk 2008 software on the device and machine, and the maps seem to be Teleatlas 2007.

Best Regards
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I agree with all comments on user support i.e. lack of same.
I personally cannot deal with the outdated info any longer and refuse to pay £69.95 to update! Therefore am binning it buying a non-Navman GPS and dissuading anyone I know looking for a sat nav NOT to buy Navman.

Take note - plenty others reduced at the moment, shop around.

Your Name


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