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GPS: Garmin nuvi 765

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I am new to the sat nav and just purchased a nuvi 765. Can anyone tell me how to display the POI's when navigating?
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GPS: GARMIN nuvi 255W

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johnstoni, I am only new to the nuvi 260W, but the only way I have found, is to select EXTRAS, CUSTOM POIs, ALL CATEGORIES, ALL CATEGORIES again, . Then you get a list of ALL losal POI, listed by the cloest, showing distance and direction. You navigation still runs in the background and gives directions. If you see a POI you want, just touch it.

Have fun
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I think you have to change your Map Feature settings. Make sure your "POI" is not set to "Off" (under Tools>Settings>Map)



GPS: Garmin Nuvi 265W

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The best way to set this is when your loading your GPS POI's onto your Nuvi.
Using the POI Loader select the 'manual' option, you will then be given the option to warn when nearing the POI and if so at what distance or even at what speed.
For examply I have my speed cameras set to alert me at 600Mts but my school zone alerts set when I am travelling over 45KPH, so if i'm doing the speed limit i'm not getting unnecessary annoying warnings.
If you do it this way it overides the way the POI may be originally setup and you can do it to your own preferences.
I wouldn't do warnings for all your POI though, it will drive you mad.
Very Happy
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GPS: Garmin 1490LMT

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johnstoni - I assume you mean that you have the POIs loaded onto the 765, but are not able to see the icons on the map. This could be the case of the zoom level. On my 1490 I have to zoom into the 200 foot level to see any POI icons. Try zooming in closer to see the POIs.
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GPS: Garmin Mobile PC

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I have loaded new POI's to Mobile PC I am experiencing the same issue. It seems that, regardless of zoom, the icons are not visible. If I go to Extras, the list is there and I can choose a poi to route to, but I would like to just see them appear on the screen.

I have set up the POI's with alerts and the alerts show up when I am in proximity but that is not really what I was hoping for.

As an example, I have POI's for all the Tim Horton's in Ontario. I do not want a route to them but, rather, as I am traveling, would like to see them on the map so that I can detour to one if the 'need' arises.

Any suggestions?

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GPS: Garmin 3790LMT

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hi, i'm new here
i recently bought a Garmin 3790LMT, i loaded the Safety Cameras for US & Canada on mine. everything works great (wave alert voice works perfectly) except the Cameras & Speed icons (bmp files) are not showing.
could anyone help please?
all POI files are downloaded from here in the forum.
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