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Where can I download speedcamera and redlight camera updates for my Garmin for free?

If necessary I guess I could register to this site.
But, how good are the POI you download from here?
Shows what the correct speed is for the camera?
Beeps if you go over the limit?

Thank you very much



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Hi Andrew,
You do not have to register as you can download our GPI files (for Garmin and Garmin rebranded automotive units) as a guest. The choice is entirely yours.
In addition to our "members only" POI zone access, we have free speed cameras and red light cameras updates available here: (members only)
You can easily browse and preview on the map all listed camera locations. That is provided for your total confidence what is in the POI file that you want to download and save to your GPS.
Select your country, select your camera POI updates, save them and use on any popular GPS brand.
Some GPS devices can give voice or beeps when approaching listed camera locations. It depends what is your GPS model. You can find more in our GPS Forum.

Kind regards


GPS: garmin nuvi

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Quite good database.
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The GPS Data Team has the latest safety camera database for Garmin, Navman, smartphones, TomTom and many other popular pocket, windshield-mounted and built-in GPS brands.

Here you can download the latest updates:

Safety Cameras in Australia,
Safety Cameras in Austria,
Safety Cameras in Belgium,
Safety Cameras in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Safety Cameras in Brazil,
Safety Cameras in Bulgaria,
Safety Cameras in Canada,
Safety Cameras in China,
Safety Cameras in Croatia,
Safety Cameras in Czech Republic,
Safety Cameras in Denmark,
Safety Cameras in Finland,
Safety Cameras in France,
Safety Cameras in Germany,
Safety Cameras in Greece,
Safety Cameras in Hungary,
Safety Cameras in Ireland,
Safety Cameras in Italy,
Safety Cameras in Lithuania,
Safety Cameras in Malaysia,
Safety Cameras in Moldova,
Safety Cameras in Netherlands,
Safety Cameras in New Zealand,
Safety Cameras in Norway,
Safety Cameras in Poland,
Safety Cameras in Portugal,
Safety Cameras in Romania,
Safety Cameras in Russia,
Safety Cameras in Serbia,
Safety Cameras in Singapore,
Safety Cameras in Slovak Republic,
Safety Cameras in Slovenia,
Safety Cameras in South Africa,
Safety Cameras in Spain,
Safety Cameras in Sweden,
Safety Cameras in Switzerland,
Safety Cameras in Turkey,
Safety Cameras in United Kingdom,
Safety Cameras in United States.

The full list of other GPS updates is available here: POI.



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Andrew, I have been using this site for going on 3 years and haven't had any problems. The POI's are updated very frequently, and you can also share any new radar's etc yourself by just entering them into the correct area.
You only have to be saved one booking and it has paid the lifetime fee 100 times over.
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GPS: COMAND SYSTEM; Garmin Nuvi 3790T

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Hi, the poi datas in this web are really good.
It is worth to register. Trust me.

More important that the poi's are updated often.
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GPS: Navman s150

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I came across this site a couple of years ago - the best thing I ever did.
The POI's are great....
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GPS: Garmin 760

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No cameras missing, can't go wrong...
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I have not used this site for a while but my last download
of speed camera pois was very accurate.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 310

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I have been using this site for years and they poi files have been really really accurate thus far, I would high recommend them.
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GPS: nuvi 265W

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I agree the POI's here for speed and red light cameras are good. My friend pays $40+ per year for a subscription via the Garmin site and I showed him a few POI's that the other site didn't already have on its database so the bottom line is that the POI's here are often more accurate and comprehensive than the other pay/subscription sites.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 760

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I find the POI files on this site quite good.
Highly recommend this site.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 310

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I have been using this site for a couple of years now and the poi files have been as exact as one would wish, I suppose the reason I'm back, is again to update before taking my next journey to unfamiliar territory. I highly recommend this before any long trip.
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Happy Navigator


Post How up to date are free Speed camera POI's?     
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First, as a newcomer to in-car satnavs thank you to everyone for the useful tips here.

As far as the free speed camera POI downloads for my Garmin is concerned, how up to date are they please?

Many thanks in advance.




GPS: Garmin Nuvi 300

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I have been using POI's from this speed camera POI database for a couple of years now and I am very happy it especially the frequent updates available.

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