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GPS: Garmin nuvi 260

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Just received my first GPS - Garmin Nuvi 260.

Have been playing around with it and tried uploading a number of different POI files. I can search through the entries in my "Favorites" but can't seem to get them to generally display on the screen whilst roaming.

I have my Nuvi set up in 3D map mode. Not sure if the POI's are only displated in 2D mode only - Can someone please elaborate?

I have been able to manually exit my favorites directly on the unit when plugged into the PC. The Favorites seem to be found in x:\garmin\gpx\current.gpx

As for the POI file, I have used the transfer utility and successfully uploaded a CSV POI list to my Nuvi 260. I made sure the icon was in the same directory as the CSV file yet when I uploaded it it did nto seem to upload the graphic. Do I have to manually transfer this to the Nuvi or is it encripted and stored somewhere on the Nuvi? If I have to manually copy it across where should I copy it to?

If u am just roaming with the Map, none of the POI's I have uploads seem to show up... can someone enlighten me on what I may be doing wrong or is there something I have missed?

Should I convert the CSV files online before uploading them to the Nuvi 260?

Any help is muchly appreciated.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 760

Post Here is some info that I have posted else were in the forum.     
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Here is some info that I have posted else were in the forum.

1) I used the poi loader to put the poi onto the unit from my hard drive (free Garmin software)
2) Down load the poi files on the line < XML - GPX Exchange format> line not the <Garmin poi CSV> line (I had no luck with the CSV ones at all, only one file would load even though I had 4 or 5 files to load)
3) If you find errors in the files like I did, use the pin on the map to adjust the location or to delete it.
4) You can download the pictures from this website to add to the Garmin as well just put it in the folder just make it have exactly the same file name before the dot
5) Same as 4) but with sound (.mp3) for the warning i.e. red light.
6) When you up load them with poi loader use manual not auto and add the distance you want i.e. I use 175 meters for red lights 150 for school zones 600 for rest areas.
7) Have fun with it if you don't like the distances you enter just re run poi loader clear the GPS and reload

Have only ever seen the bmps for the proximity alert come up on the screen when I am driving and the proximity alert goes off or just before it goes off.

The name before the dot (on the bmp or MP3) has to be exactly the same as the name for the alerts for it to work when you upload.

I have only had success when I have used manual while uploading (I have found that most of the files don't have proximity distances in them) and only by using the .gpx files not the Garmin files.

Here is a list of distances I use on my 760

Low Bridges 225
Mobile speed camera 250
Red Light Camera 175
School Zones 200
Speed Camera 150

(these distance suggestions updated to my most recent distance sugestions)

I have played around with these distances a fair bit to get the best distance form the alert to alert me properly but not so far away that it can get confusing what lights have the camera on them or get false alerts from the next street over etc.

I hope this helps

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Hey I also own a 260. Everything Vic says is true. I have had NO luck using CSV files. I only download in gpx format now and I download the bmp file at the same time to the same location and the POI loader does the rest. I'm not concerned with distance warnings so I leave things on auto. It seems in the 3D mode you have to be within a few hundred meters to see the symbol where as in the 2D mode you can see for alot further, and if you increase the detail of the map in the settings, you'll see alot more!
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 255w

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I've had no issues using the .csv files. In fact I like them since I can edit them with excel. And I make my own with Google maps . POIs won't show up on the map while roaming unless you are zoomed in below 500ft. All mine work fine as do redlight cameras and audible warnings.

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