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The battery life in my TomTom is hopeless. Does anyone know how to replace the battery or do I have to call Tomtom and send it back?




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Hi Doug,

The battery is bad on all of them,
That's why it comes with a car battery charger, so that u can run it off the car while driving.

I hope this is helps




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I have found a trick for those bad battery, but you lose your warranty.
You need to open your Tomtom, behind the screen you will find the battery (for the Go 710 it is an 3.7 V, 2400mAh, Samsung ICR18650-24)
You'll find 3 wires: red, black and yellow. Cut them of at the half of the wire size, then cut off your car loader wire (tomtom)(5v), you will see again 3 wires inside :red,black,white
Connect the red with red, black with black, white with yellow
(the best thing is to make a little hole in the cover to pass the wire, so it will be better for closing the all thing)
I did it and it works pretty fine, I had save 30 dollars Wink Very Happy
I did it in approximately 30 minutes
Remember you will have no battery any more and no waranty of Tomtom!
It only works then with your Tomtom car loader.



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Dear the-ingeneer,

For an average TomTom user, it must be some less labor intensive way to destroy it. Using tools like hammer would probably be as effective as your modification...
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GPS: TomTom Go 720

Post Power trickiling, even if turned off     
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Even if its turned off it still trickles power, so U need to power it uponce a week or so. Also for what its worth I just leave the car charger connected and haven ac charger for home use, charging via usb is long
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TomTom EXuser


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I bought a TomTom, I am an avid believer in GPS as I am a pilot and use one in my airplane. The Tom Tom GPS that I bought is absolutely, without any doubt or reservations, the worst that I have ever bought. The battery lasted about 6-7 months, after that, I HAVE to have it plugged into a power source just to keep it powered up. I went online to try and find a replacement and guess what? You have to send it back to Tom Tom to get the battery replaced. Tom Tom can kiss me and call me Shorty, I'll never in my life waste another minute of my time on a Tom Tom. I'm going shopping tomorrow for a Garmin or a Magellan.


GPS: TomTom GO 920T

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I got my TomTom GO 920 about half year ago
the battery life of it is only 60 to 90 minutes,
compare to what they say in the website,
3 to 5 hours...
I have no idea how they will get 3 to 5 hours
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GPS: Tomtom Home XL HD

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Some battery tips.
The battery life is largely dependent on the number of charge/discharge cycles. Most modern batteries can handle around 300 cycles. Using one cycle each day means that the lifetime of a battery is less than a year - virtually independent of the brand. So, one obvious tip is to use external power whenever possible!
Another thing is to ensure that the battery is fully charged directly after unpacking, before using it. The manual says it must be charged for at least 4 hours before charging.
Then, when charging, make sure the device is OFF, otherwise most of the power serves to have the device working rather than charging the battery!
There is NO NEED to fully discharge the batery before recharging. This used to help sometimes for old fahsioned (NiCd) batteries, but modern batteries do not have the so-called memory effect.
I hope it works in getting the best out of your batteries!
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GPS: TomTom GO 500

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I have never used it out of the car and so not noticed
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The battery in my TomTom 910 failed a year after I bought the reconditioned unit from a private seller on eBay. When I called TomTom to find out how to repair it it took about 3 days of corresponding and phone calls for them to decide they would not honor the warranty (no surprise - I hadn't even requested it) and would not repair the unit for a charge either. Basically they said I was SOL. The tech happened to mention that some private parties refurbish the units.

That set me off to do a little internet research. Apparently it's no big deal for a tech type with a couple of Torx screwdrivers to install a replacement battery. I intend to do that right away. And even though TomTom may find it hard to do, I am now advising them to get lost.



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When talking about battery I believed what the manufacture is not correct, because it depend how old is this battery made and not to mention when this gps make [product] unit out to the shop. Join the party, I have a same problem, best way is just stick it to the charger.


GPS: TomTom Go 720

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Yep, I have the same problem with the battery, it's alright as long as you are in a car and can have it charged with the plug,

Hey you want to have a walk around a strange city and find places with your GPS, you'd better walk fast and don't spend too much time getting there.
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GPS: TomTom 930

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I have a Tomtom 930 - purchased in May - fully charged I'm lucky to get 60 minutes from teh battery - but it's not a big deal since I use it plugged in anyways.

As far as chargers go - it also charges fine with my Cell charger also.
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TomTom 910 was my 3rd GPS and was the worst of all.
The battery stopped charging after a year, about a week after the warranty expired. While I was driving the unit was loosing power on every road imperfection, automatically loosing the memory and needed to be programmed again. I called the manufacturer, but they refused to deal with it. I purchased a new battery on the Internet but after I replaced it the device stopped working. I put TomTom to the garbage where it belongs. I will never buy their product again.


GPS: TomTom 700

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Being an electrician, I wouldn't advise Matthews trick!
I'd just stick to using the in car charger when driving and plug it into a power socket at home when not driving!
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