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GPS: TomTom GO 710

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I have tried calling Tomtom on the number provided but they just put you on hold and then they just hangup.

Does anybody know another number?
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Company address:

TomTom International B.V.
Rembrandtplein 35
1017 CT Amsterdam, NH
The Netherlands
Phone support +31 (0)20 850 0800

Fax support +31 (0)20 850 1099
Customer support:

Tomtom contact phone numbers:

TomTom Austria 01546575600 (German)
TomTom Germany 01805687483 (German)
TomTom Germany help line 0180-500 3842 (German)
TomTom Switzerland 0848803133 (German, French or Italian)
TomTom USA help desk phone 866-486-6866
TomTom United States 312 0850 0800 (English)
TomTom United Kingdom phone 0845 161 0009
TomTom from the Republic of Ireland 1890812008
TomTom from South Africa 0800980670
From outside the UK +31208501004 (english)
TomTom Australia 02 8875 1700 (English)
TomTom Australia 1300 135-604 (toll free)
TomTom Sverige 0776620010
TomTom Danmark 0776620010
TomTom Danmark 35256514
TomTom Norge 81556710
TomTom Suomi 03039038
TomTom France 0811025124
TomTom Belgique 078250157
TomTom Suisse 0844000091
TomTom Deutschland 01805003842
TomTom Österreich 0810102557
TomTom Schweiz 0844000016
TomTom Nederland 0208501007
TomTom België 078250156
TomTom España 913496508
TomTom Portugal 808781222
TomTom Italia 0245281004
TomTom Svizzera 0844000040
TomTom Česká republika +420 23 90 00 491
TomTom Polska +48 22 34 91 598

TomTom USA Phone 1 866-486-6866 or 978-287-9555 Fax: 978-287-9522 Email:
Mail address: TomTom; 150 Baker Avenue Extension; Concord, MA 01742

TomTom Australia Phone +61 2 8875 1700 Fax: +61 2 9889 8856 Tool free: 1300 135-604 Email:
Mail address: TomTom; Suite 383; 272 Victoria Ave; Chatswood NSW 2067

Company address - Customer Relations Department:
TomTom Sales BV
Customer Support - Customer Relations Department
Rembrandtplein 35
1017 CT Amsterdam
The Netherlands



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I am with you .i am having problems and i emailed tomtom for a phone number,but was not active number,emailed second request and got same number..seems like they have a wall up..i am not impressed after having invested over $500.00 and just had it for a week.



Post cs     
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hey guys. call 1 866 486 6866 (toll free TomTom customer and warranty service line USA). I guaran goggone tee someone will pick up. They have showed me how to reset my tomtom after it wouldn't come back on and always help me with the maintenance. Good luck.



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They are useless. Through their automated response to a question they say they will respond within 24 hours to reply. Has now been 15 day and NOTHING even after repeated emails


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Does anybody know another number?



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You have now found out that after paying a high price for your TomTom there is NO customer service; e-mail does not work, writing does not work, threats do not work, the phone is hung and TomTom is virtually fireproof. Sadly no-one is interested in this and the fix is to buy a different GPS whilst putting your old one up on eBay.



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I've called TomTom numbers around the world, beginning with the US since a month ago, and been told that the ability to download maps of Eastern Europe (where I am going in 2 days, now) is down and should be up "soon". A month is not soon. I was also told by customer service headquarters in the Netherlands that it is just my own "bad luck that the maps are down when I need them." TomTom is not a reliable company. Spread the word and prevent people from buying from this lousy, unreliable company. That seems to be all the consumer can do in this case.


Post This gets better n better dunnit?     
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Tomtom?? yeah. Bought a Tomtom one XL, today - brand new, still sealed and boxed. It came with promotion code for traffic camera updates, map updates and mapshare - lo and behold, put the code in and guess what "PROMOTION CODE INCORRECT OR EXPIRED"....
duh.... what the hells the point of selling something that's screwed before you even open the sealed box!!

No reply on the phone, (unsurprisingly) and their Twisted Evil website 'help and support' section - utterly useless!!

I think I'm gonna go back to a box full of maps and A-Z's


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Same happened to me with my GO 510 Evil or Very Mad Mad


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Hi guys,

I just talked to TomTom USA using the number provided for US Help desk in this forum, I was able to talk to them and also they told me that the promo code that I have will work if I dont have the latest version of maps installed on my device, if they have the latest version already installed then it will not work.

So far I think TomTom is a pretty good device. I bought a week ago.

Hope this helps...


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One year later, they continue to have phone system problems! I have made 15 calls, disconnected, hung-up on, transfered to nothing, transfered to a dutch message and then hung up on, ahhhhh!!! i just spent 400 euros on a tom tom with a european map sd that doesn't work! it has no info on it and the electronics store will not exchange it, i am leaving for spain in 2 weeks, i live in amsterdam where the head office is, probally will have to buy another map though just paid for this one, this is how it often works in holland

they need to take my 400 euros and get a phone company to come and sort their rubish out, and then hire enough employees to assist their customer service needs...crash n burn tom tom

btw sent an e-mail 8 days ago, no response there yet either



Post always had to reboot     
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I had a problem with my tomtom 3rd edition called the toll free 3(1-866-486-6866) in the am 8:30 and by the time I got home I had the RMA3 in an emaile to send it back for replacement. So tryn the toll free # m-f 8:30 to 7pmand on sat 9-5 EST had my new one in three days



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I have a Tom Tom one I can get them to answer, they just dont know what they are doing. One person tells you one thing another tells you something else. Bottom line Tom Tom is crap!



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I have used their Dutch number. It is cheaper than phoning rip-off 0845 161 0009 UK phone (if you are with a good phone provider) and they answer almost immediately. They are far more helpful than in the UK TomTom office and they all speak perfect English.

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