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Facts about waypoints and POIs

- Number of Waypoints is limited by firmware, Custom POIs are limited by SD card or memory space only.
- POI files are CSV fileswith a .csv file extension. You can open them with Notepad, OpenOffice Calc or with MS Excel.
- POIs can have built in proximity alarms.
POI files can be organized into different folders and databases.

You wan easily convert POIs to Waypoints:

Converting your .gpx to POI (.csv):

Creating new CSV and GPX files:

Using Google .kml files as Garmin POI (.csv):

POIs are stored as GPI files in '\Garmin\Poi' folder. You can rename and create multiple GPI files in that folder.

POI-related links:

Garmin POI Loader:
POI converters:
POI Directory:

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Waypoints vs. POIs
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