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The Shires Retail Park
Unit 0
Leamington Spa EN CV34 6RH

United Kingdom

   Phone: +07957 646350
Subway Leamington Spa

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Maps and GPS directions to Subway Leamington Spa and other Subway Restaurants in the United Kingdom. Find your nearest Subway Restaurants. Subway® Restaurants - With more than 26,000 locations in 85 countries, the Subway brand is the world's largest submarine sandwich franchise, and has become a leader in the international development of the quick service restaurant industry.

Please note: Business hours may not be accurate due to CORONA-19 related restrictions. Please contact your local store to get the most updated information.

Subway Restaurants:  Distance 
Subway Warwick EN CV34 4NE3.6 km2.2 miles NW
Subway Warwick EN4.4 km2.7 miles W
Subway Warwick8.5 km5.3 miles S
Subway Warwick EN CV35 0AA8.5 km5.3 miles S
Subway Gaydon14.1 km8.8 miles S
Nearby POI: Distance 
KFC Leamington Spa0 km0 miles N
McDonald's Leamington Spa0.3 km0.2 miles NE
Blooms Apart16.8 km10.5 miles N

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