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Lymm Services
Cliffe Lane
Cheshire WA13 0SP

United Kingdom

   Phone: +0871 984 6157
Travelodge Warrington Lymm Services

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Maps and GPS directions to Travelodge Warrington Lymm Services and other Travelodge Hotels in the United Kingdom. Find your nearest Travelodge Hotels. There are loads of reasons our customers choose to stay at Travelodge. Their great value clean and comfortable rooms with en-suite provide everything needed for a good night's sleep and are close to where people want to stay. Their best prices are online. Like seats on an airline, you can book rooms up to 12 months in advance. The earlier you book the greater your chance of finding one of their Saver rooms.

Travelodge Hotels:  Distance 
Travelodge Knutsford Tabley10.9 km6.8 miles SE
Travelodge Warrington11.1 km6.9 miles NW
Travelodge Knutsford M613.1 km8.1 miles SE
Travelodge Middlewich19.9 km12.4 miles S
Travelodge Manchester Trafford Par20.2 km12.6 miles N
Nearby POI: Distance 
Ecotricity Moto Lymm0 km0 miles SW
Marks and Spencer Lymm0 km0 miles N
McDonald's Lymm0 km0 miles N
BP Lymm0.2 km0.1 miles NW
Lidl Warrington WA4 1LJ6.7 km4.2 miles NW

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POI link: Travelodge Warrington Lymm Services