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I've just been hung up on by a robot! To say I was surprised is an understatement. The reason? The robot could not understand my request as it has obviously been programmed to accept only certain phrases. Another government department has insisted I find out if my payment will be reduced or stopped once my husband starts work, which he does tomorrow. They also need to know how much I will be receiving. How can I do this if the robot has not been programmed to understand this request and put me through to a PERSON (real, living, breathing, communicative person) who can tell me. This information is not on MyGov and, as I live in the country it is some hours to travel to the nearest Centrelink office which apparently does not give out its phone number for fear of people in need of assistance calling. This is a dreadful system designed to frustrate, infuriate and insult people who deserve better. By the way, has anyone else noticed that the instructions on this site have obviously been translated? So where has our government outsourced this system to?

Frust Rated


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S and A wrote:
Not One SINGLE positive comment in this small sample of problems and yet the government will do NOTHING to assist. They pick the "Dole cheats" but not their own system. Look in a mirror Centrelink! 70 percent of the people you are SUPPOSE to help do the right thing and follow your rules yet you do nothing to assist. Appalling.

Don't blame the Government all the time. They are kept in the dark by other public service heads who hide their mismanagement practices from them. And we as their real boss pay these 'senior' managements over inflated salaries & annual bonuses & give them junket overseas trips??? (just look at ABC TV management for a real example of management rorting!) Let's get some decent ...non political...well qualified/experienced managements with a proven track record to manage Centrelink. Private enterprise would do a much better job & stop wasting the money these current management misfits are giving us. Who signed off on their website/call centre strategy? (some faceless public servant in Centrelink, I bet!)


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Older Australians: 13 23 00
Centrelink is impossible to contact. The number I need for Older Australians is constantly engaged, until 5.01pm. then you get told you should ring during business hours!!!!
Try another number; eventually get thru & 'sorry sir I cannot put you thru to another department"
Try another number & you get Hank whatshisname telling you how wonderful everything is.
Truly I might as well talk to the brick wall.

Call me, Centrelink and prove me wrong, I dare you.
Richard Johnston



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Why on earth supply a phone number for queries that:
A. continually advises a busy signal
B. if you finally ever get through to the automated "service" to voice the nature of your query, it cannot understand you
C. when it cannot understand you, it says sorry and then hangs up on you.

How can this even pretend to be a service? Is this part of the governments answer to ensuring that payment of benefits will not increase - frustrate their client to the point that they give up? Does any human person actually read all of these comments or is this just a forum for us to vent and then quietly give up?
Not Happy.


Post Not HUMAN resources     
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If I can't talk to a human then how can you call yourself HUMAN services?



Post Frustration     
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Got excited when I saw that the Cranbourne branch had supplied a mobile number as a contact. Only to find out the number is some ones private number. Poor guy. I am still no closer to speaking to a real person at Centrelink. Grrrrrrrrrr



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I have spent three hours on hold listening to the worst hold music with intermittent messages spoken at you and still not getting the information I sought. There is nowhere you can ask a simple question and get s human answer. There is no "contact us" option, all is fed back to the automated recordings whether you want them or no. Feel that anyone " on the edge" could be pushed over with the never ending circuits. Not even an email address to ask a question. Smacks of customer service by committee.


Post Busy?     
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Give them a break. It must be that the Australian Department of Humiliating Services is way too busy to respond to all calls.



Post Re: Centrelink in Australia / Centrelink phone numbers     
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When Minister Porter was in Western Australia as the Attorney General, he once stated that the Justice system is good for the economy.
This gives you an insight into the way people like this think; "the system does not have to provide the service it was set up with tax payers funds to do, it only needs to be good for the economy.
Ignoring the people and not providing the service is exactly what they are doing deliberately.
They can sell you the story about the system being under pressure and underfunded, if it was under pressure why is it almost every time anyone visits a Centrelink office and no matter how many times you do you always get a different person serving you who has no idea regarding your situation; this is done to bog things down and prevent or at the very least put off any payments you might be owed until you hopefully give up and go away to die.
I have a illness that no cure has been discovered for it yet, I am being treated with things like chemotherapy; Centrelink tell me that because my illness is not stabilized yet, I therefore don't effectively qualify for a disability pension.
How do you stabilize a condition that has no known cure discovered for it yet; just like the justice system it comes down to this "justice delayed is justice denied"

Taxpayer who wants a refund.

Fool-hardy Galoot


Post Centrelink, thanks for wasting our time     
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If I wanted to go on a merry-go-round I would paid a visit to Luna Park!
The first number i rang shrieked in my ear was a fax! The other 3 numbers I rang were all automated and went around in circles until I finally got put in a line to wait. I waited for all but 2 minutes and hung up, knowing that I wasn't going to get anywhere fast . It became obvious to me that system is designed to repel people and not help people. Why even bother having this in the first place? I am at a loss as to why the Government would do this.



Post contact     
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I have been trying to contact someone at Centrelink and in frustration I was just trawling through the site coming across posts from other disillusioned people! This is a terrible situation when people just cannot get to speak to someone and ask a simple question, there's not even an opportunity to email!! The distress it's causing me and the hundreds of others perhaps much older than I am with less emotional support than I have is a disgrace! Surely in this day and age we could have a system that works much better to support our older Australians and those less fortunate.

Adam B


Post Horrendous Service     
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I have tried several different numbers, no one to talk to. Get the dreaded strings orchestra. If I kept people waiting like this in my business there would be a ministerial.



Post Talking to a human at Human Services     
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I just tried to call Centrelink to inquire about my child care rebate. A robot asked me what my inquiry was about and when I stated the reason I got a general message about the benefits available, and then I was hung up on! I already know what the benefit is (that's why I applied!), I wanted to talk to a human being about my application - but no that's impossible! So now I have to waste time, parking fees and fossil fuels and physically go to a Centrelink office and queue needlessly. I thought communications technology was there to eliminate such old fashioned work practices. Little did I know that Centrelink management sees IT as a way to cut off clients and deter them from applying from their rightful benefits!


Post Just a Simple Enquiry!     
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Your telephone system is a disgrace - on three calls this morning the system hung up on me.
I am trying to get simple information to help other people who need your services, not something for myself.

There used to be something called a human who could answer calls, decipher the best course of action, and transfer calls to the correct department. Whilst a computer system may save you money it offers zero customer service, and does not serve the needs of the community - not all enquiries are a simple straight process.

Disgusting service, so much room for improvement!!!


Post Re: Appalling service     
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I have been waiting and waiting listening to this string and annoying music for long time...
I need to talk to a human being and not to jump from menu to menu with this robot.
I was talking "to the machine" and then the "robot" sent me to another section without waiting for me to finish.
It is time to change your system and show to people that you care.
... is this the "Human Services" of our Nation... Australia?
Is this the way Australians diverse to be treated by our own elected government? ... Wow..!!
I am now cutting my call after trying to communicate to ask a question... yes, after 44 MINUTES.

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