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Centrelink contact phone numbers:

General: 13 24 68
Customers: 1800 086 400
Centrelink Debt Recovery: 1800 076 072
Report income: 13 32 76

Older Australians: 13 23 00
Families: 13 61 50
Carers: 13 27 17

BasicsCard: 1800 057 111
Job Active: 13 62 68
Job seekers: 13 28 50
Youth Allowance: 13 24 90
Apprenticeships: 13 36 33
Indigenous centre: 1800 136 380
Domestic violence: 1800 656 463
Lifeline: 13 11 14
Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800
MensLine: 1300 789 978
Suicide Call Back Service: 1300 659 467
Beyond Blue: 1300 22 46 36
Headspace: 1800 650 890

Multilingual: 13 12 02
Migrants: 13 28 50
Visitors: 13 28 50
Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National): 13 14 50

myGov: 13 23 07
Technical support: 13 23 07
Valuation Services: 1800 110 038
Immunisation Register: 1800 653 809

Centrelink Locations & Opening Hours
Medicare Locations & Opening Hours



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It is impossible to navigate through your phone answer machine system. I am trying to make an inquiry for old age pension. I think I will be goner before I get through to a human being. This is disgraceful.



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I agree with the comment above. I feel the same. I am trying hard to contact Merredin office. I guess they will send me nasty letter eventually, accusing me of gaining money I am not entitled to. Shocking service. Impossible locations. Centrelink's telephone numbers which they never answer. It is so difficult for people like me in their late 80s to cope with. I am close to tears. Thanks for stuffing up Christmas!

peter and judy


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I have been trying to register with mygov for the past hour, they send me my secret code and it keeps telling me it is invalid, have had 5 codes already. Now I am trying to contact a speaking person, but it's an absolute joke.
I give up.

A person


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I am trying to organise an appointment for a seniors health card. As I don't have a 'number', A VOICE want let me talk to any one - an abysmal site - how do we feel that we are humans of importance.


Post Medicare customer service is woeful.     
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The contact numbers for any Medicare Customer Service is impossible. Every number I try to call cannot assist. Its an automated service which is frustrating and it doesn't recognise voice prompts. Typical useless Govt. strategy to outsource a service. What a waste of tax payers money not to mention a sub standard service and waste of peoples time. Sad Razz



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I cannot believe how difficult it is to contact an office and speak to a living person. As a working taxpayer who is trying to assist a friend I am appalled that the gov advocates a system that is designed to waste clients time. it is no wonder the anxiety rate is as high as it is if this is how individuals needing assistance are treated.


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The Centrelink website just goes around and around in circles with no result.We were trying to make a claim and it just kept going from centrelink site to the my gov site then back again over and over. Now we have to go to the office which by the way closes before we can get there .


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How can a line been continually engaged?


Post Appalling service     
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Why are there no people to answer the telephones?
I have to call Centrelink but the phone is continually engaged.
Appalling service!



Post What can we do?     
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This is the first time I've contacted Centrelink and this customer service is a gem for management and business training - courses can give students a problem that they need to solve with a Centrelink customer officer: students will learn what it is like engaging with a machine whose functions does not meet the needs of customers. Students will experience what poor customer service is like and how customers feel trying to engage with social service provider. I hold our government services in high regard, there has to be a way to bring Centrelink up to the standard of all our other government service providers.


Post Dis appointed     
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I agree with all of the above. It is impossible to achieve what you need to over the phone with Centrelink. I have been on the phone twice now for over an hour and a half and have not even got close to achieving what needs to be done. Please fix this joke you call Centrelink-self-service.



Post ...     
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This is absolutely terrible service, I have tried and tried to find a contact phone number for Centrelink office in Bunbury and they make it so difficult!



Post Failed to get anyone - AGAIN     
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Sorry to say, but the Centrelink site is useless, can't get through to anyone, even tried sites that I do not want' hoping to get to a human, but still no luck. What happened to real Centrelink people? Are they all replaced with robots?



Post Old age pension     
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With such an appalling track record I am not even going to try and phone. Obviously the Govt. doesn't care about it's people. I'll take my swag and walk to their office.

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