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Tom tom service/support is incredibly arrogant. I have two GO930 and I am really wondering about my decision to spend this much with a company who's support is so arogant!

I have tryed calling tomtom on the number provided but they just put you on hold and then they just hangup.

Does anybody know another number?


GPS: tomtom one

Post Contacting TomTom UK     
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I had a problem contacting tomtom UK 0845 161 0009 nothing serious just a user issue.
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GPS: TomTom GO740-live

Post TT servicedesk     
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No idea how other manufacturers of GPS equipment are handling service to their customers but it can hardly be worse than TT. Confused
They are incredibly arrogant indeed and they treat every caller like a complete nono (or KnowNo Cool ) with their automated response systems.
It has appearently never crossed their minds that there could indeed be something wrong with their products.
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Post TomTom Canada     
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I bought a new Tom Tom go720 this week from Visions in Canada. The 1st one out of the box froze and could not be started again even with reset.
OK, well, everyone has a bad day so I took it back got a second one plugged it in charged it and the unit started jumping from page to page on it's own I would hit done it would go back to the map and start jumping all over again. Sad
Now I am takeing this one back, get a new one. This one still charging...
Called TomTom guy... got rude with me. I said I was going to buy something else, Garmin, Mio, anything but Tom Tom. He said: "fine, go ahead" and hung up on me.

These people definitely could care less about customer service after the sold you the product Shocked



Post TomTom Australia     
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Tom Tom was the worst purchase I ever made, like all you others, no help/assistance or guidence. Their website is useless... its almost like a well thought out scam. I've send about 50 emails with useless responses.

Spread the word and warn ppl you know, not to purchase their crappy products!

As if you have to call the Netherlands for support. I reckon the local tomtom help line is just a guy eating pizza behind his desk not doing his work and falling asleep!

The company should be ashamed of their uselessness!
Pls note my sis has had an other brand GPS navigator for ages, similar if not the same features, not a problem yet.


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The Netherlands email address is no good. This company doesn't like to provide any type of customer service. Not in the USA or if in their own Country.



Post Customer Service     
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Just contacted Tom Tom customer service at their posted # and within 15 minutes they walked me thru step-by-step how to correct a software glitch in my One XL. No complaints with this customer service . The wait time was less than 2 minutes and they solved my problems within 15 minutes. The unit now works fine.



Post Tom Tom Customer Service     
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I have read a lot of bad reports about Tom Tom Customer Service. They seem to come from the USA. I had my Tom Tom screwed up by an update, recently and after contacting Customer Services, the problem was sorted out quickly and satisfactorily. I live in the UK. May be I was just lucky. I think I will take notice of all of those people who say don't update the maps and avoid trouble. I will just quit whilst I am winning.



Post TOMTOM doesn't protect it's customers     
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I recently had my TomTom stolen. I called the police and they told me that Garmin customers can contact Garmin and when the thief or new "owner" tries to re-register.....the appropriate persons are notified and the police can then arrest the right thief! Not so with TomTom. They won't to share the thief's information! So, even if you report your system as stolen, the thief gets a free ride and TomTom assists them by keeping their identity confidential.
I complained to one of their customer service reps, Natalie, and she would not let me speak with her manager and she also would not give me the Home Office address or telephone number because she stated she couldn't "share information". I found the address and number on line and I hope that she realizes how ignorant her attempts to "protect" her employer from a complaint are.
Again, buy Garmin. They seemingly take care of their customers and try to protect them and seemingly keep in close contact with catching thieves.



Post Cathy     
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They just don't let the thief get a free ride. When a device is linked to your account, even if they create a new account, they will not be able to link it or get any kind of updates from the device.
If the device has issues and they call we will not help the thief further if he/she is not able to provide the e-mail address linked to the device.



Post Maps     
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I bought my first tomtom in 2006 and its worked without fault, in the last week I've just bought another one to get more up to date maps. I wouldn't bother paying for new maps when the updates are pretty minimal, instead wait a few years and buy a new GPS, say every 5 or 6 years.

As for customer service, I've never had a problem so never needed to contact them.




Post Horrible customer service     
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When I call 866486-6866 and spoke to Coco she advised me that no one in her office has any authority, Customer Relations doesn't have a phone #, and she doesn't have any contact or address for the main office, then she put me on hold and never came back to the phone ( waited for 52 minutes). All after sending my unit to the office in MA- for a return. They sent me back my TomTom with the satelite stuck at their office. What a piece of horrible customer service.



Post Re: downloading maps     
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me wrote:
I'm new here but just to add my experience...

I've bought a brand new map (version 7 of western europe) and have been told it's available as an automatic download using HOME 2.

Well that's complete nonsense.

The only apparently available map is the one I save to my computer 18 months ago.

£50 later, a week of european travel ahead and not a jot of appropriate support to be seen.

Exactly the same for me. £50 wasted and no hope of a refund.



Post a pathetic operation...     
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You can call 1-866-486-6866 50 times a day and it will be busy...
Tom Tom is a company of racketeers that laughs at the suckers who bought their product. They will take your money for apps and never respond to why it does not work. Best Buy should ban these thieves from their stores.

eaglewalker 11111


Post Bad Product and Tech support and Customer support     
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They are useless, and so are the product I have. worked fine for a couple years then decided to purchase a map on line did so and after download device stopped working after hours on a # of different times spent on phone with there tech support ( if you can call it that) still nothing. Never and offer to send device any were for then to fix. Now because off numerous times, which caused the time to expire do not want to even refund money for map much less the device which I think should be replaced also, since the download was what caused it to stop functioning also. Do not care what happens if on one person does not buy there product , that will be good enough for me!

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