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I have received the update but what a surprise it does not work. Various phone calls and suggestions from Navman tech support, none of which work.

I am also wondering if they know what they are doing. I am unable to update Navdesk to correct level from their instructions yet I have been able to download maps to PC and then that is it. The Navdesk update keeps saying that navdesk is not loaded on my pc. Also I get a fatal error appear on S90i when i connect it to the pc.

Nobody seems to know since MIO took over.

Anyone have any idea.



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Email from them on Sep 3:
"For S Series customers the free 2009 maps will be available on a DVD, these are being shipped to customers this week. There has been a slight delay in the release of these maps and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused."
Still waiting!!


GPS: Navman s90i

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Well they eventually arrived a week after I bought another GPS unit. After some fiddling they eventually updated the maps on my Navman and after checking a road I know has been completed now for 3 years low and behold the Navman Maps although in fairness I should say the Tele-Atlas mapping still shows the road as incomplete, so, so much for the most up to date complete mapping system.
It may be a minor road but it should have been updated by now especially as I reported it on their update feedback two years ago - can't be that hard to google map it then satelite map view to check!
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Navman and Mio gone bust!

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Navman forum Reply to topic 2009 Maps for S series
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