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Post slow update     
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Turn off your antivirus during update. It solved the problem completely.



Post Downloads freeze     
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I have a new 2275 and the map downloads keep freezing with 1hr 28 mins to go? Is there a solution to this?



Post Garmin not updating maps     
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What I strongly object to is that the time clock ceases to decrease after a few minutes. If it is still working, why is that not indicated by the time remaining. Am trying to update and love the product but think the update service is beyond dire.


Post Nuvi 40lm updating over night and NOTHING!     
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Left Nuvi 40lm updating over night and NOTHING! I am now trying the disable virus and I also went in to setting on PC and gave the updater special permissions. Hope this works as it states 23 minutes left for the last 30 minutes LOL!



Post Update     
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Trying to download maps for a new Garmin, having lots of trouble. Time is alternating from anything between 4-20 hours. Is this normal?



Post Another rediculously slow update!     
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I have 10mbps download speeds that at the time I started and now are accurate. I started the update on my DriveSmart 50 at 8pm yesterday and it is now 10:30am the next day and the status still shows 3 hours and 4 minutes remaining (which it has said just over 3 hours remaining the entire time). This is a Garmin issue. For whatever reason they are limiting download speeds, likely because they are too cheap to increase the ability of their servers. Shameful... This would be rediculously slow by dial up standards!

Gav & Deb


Post Nuvi 3490 updates     
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Updating software & maps (nuvi 3490). Can't get past step 2: Restart your Nuvi 3490
I reconnected my device, it turned on, said it was loading software, looks like that finished, but still on step 2 - restart won't move on to preparing and then maps?
I have no idea what's happening.



Post Garmin Slow download speed     
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I bought a garmin drivesmart 50.
After various problems with the initial updates, all seemed fine. This week Garmin express told me there was new map update.
I plugged in my Garmin and started the download, and then the entire world stopped.

I hovered my mouse over the download bar and it said i was getting a download rate of 2.3mb/s - that is crazy as I know we have 70mb/s internet connection.

I ran bt speedchecker and found with the garmin download still running my internet speedtest said we still had 73mb/s. I checked back at the Garmin which said I was now receiving 2.1mb/s. This is crazily slow.
It is predicting that the map download will take at least 1 more hour.
Now at 1.9mb/s
2hours for update maps!
I phoned Garmin help and they said that restrict the download speed so that there are no errors. - Really???
And that a maximum of 2.3mb/s is normal.

Garmin, why limit a download speed from 70mb/s to 2mb/s
This doesn't make any sense to me.

Is this right or am I being fobbed off? This puts me off ever recommending a Garmin product again.

GPS: COMAND SYSTEM; Garmin Nuvi 3790T

Post garmin update map     
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I used Garmin auto update software, it is updated automatically when the unit connects to the computer. It takes 10-30Min to finish.
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Post What do do while you wait for maps to update?     
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Hi All,
Slow maps update? Let it run in the background while you download POI updates: or list your POIs here:
Just to clarify, we do not restrict your download speed for POI's.
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Robert Peffers


Post Map Loading times     
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I believe the long map loading problem has nothing to do with Garmin's site. It seems your ISPs may be throttling your larger downloads without telling you. I'm basing my opinion upon my own experience with my new Garmin Drivesmart.

I monitored my download speed which began as normal but then began to get predicted as ever longer as time went by. I went to bed around 02:00am and left it predicting another 6 hours. The point is that it kept getting longer. Yet next morning I checked my download speeds and they were back to normal.



Post It's taking HOURS to download and install the maps.     
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And don't even try to blame my provider. I never have problems with it, as you can see. WHY THREE HOURS?



Post This is bunk.     
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I don't like the idea of having software running in the background all the time just to get map updates for a device that I only update when doing long road trips (2 to 3 times a year). Why not just post a link where I can download the maps myself? What a crazy idea for 2017.

I've also just started debugging a network issue at home. Looks like the Garmin Express software is bringing my whole network connectivity in my house to a grinding halt for an update that is currently running at 12.1 MB/s. When I shut the Garmin Express software off all my network issues disappear... When I turn the garmin express software back on all my connectivity goes south again... Funny that.

Really bad software guys. A 12th grader in a comp sci class can do better.



Post Re: Garmin, should it take HOURS to update maps?     
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I have just updated my Garmin 2508LMT-D the whole update took about 4hrs although from time to time it estimated up to 8 hrs seems to freeze with no data going up or down. I downloads maps to my pc as well the total download was 4.8GB so it is hardly surprising it took so long.

If your internet is very slow prepare for a long wait!



Post Slow map update     
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Same slow maps update problem with my Garmin Nuvi 2589. My internet download speed is testing >20 Mbps and my PC is a gaming system with an Intel i7 CPU, lots of DRAM and SSD. I aborted my first attempt when the time calculation estimate exceeded 14 hrs after running about an hour and started again. After about 10 minutes of download run time, that estimate is continuing to increase and is now at about 4.5 hours. Ridiculous by any modern measure.

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