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Suz E Quick


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Went to the West Asheville NC KFC on Patton Ave on 3/9/2017. Had nothing but problems. The woman working the counter was not familiar with the product offered and a man came to help get her through placing our orders. When we paid her she also seemed to have extreme difficulty in making change. This might not be the job for her.

There were 4 customers in the store. All booths were dirty with crumbs in the seats and on he tables. I cleaned two tables and seats in order to have place to eat.

Then I tried my food and OMG! It was awful. First it was so dried out that it was impossible to take portions of it off the breast. It also appeared to have little or no spices on it. Tasted like cardboard. I asked what happened to it but the staff acted as if it were maybe my fault that it did not resemble any KFC product known to mankind.

My friend attempted to eat her food. Mine was so dry and tasteless I ate the two side dishes and bread and just left the chicken on the plate.

KFC: Let's get this restaurant working the way it should and do it in a hurry. You will not keep customers this way or gain any new ones.

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