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I rang after the 4:30 pm office closing time on the 132011 phone number, wondering if this number is a special number handling after hours calls. The computerised voice tells you to please wait until the next available operator and you believe that you are in a queue and that the office is still open. After 35 minutes I hung up not knowing if someone was working at that time or not, since the computerised voice implies that the office is still open and that someone will answer your call.

I suggest that after the 4:30 pm closing time that the computerised voice tells you that the office is closed or not. This will let people like me know if we should hang up or if the 132011 number does overtime. As it is, you are left wondering if a human is running the Inala Medicare office and they don't give a damn about the public to have a proper automated answering system indicating if the office is closed or not.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic Medicare Inala
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