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Confused in Tillsonburg


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I'm writing to express a concern I have about the way in which certain driver examiners treat drivers. In the past, my son, my father, a close family friend, and children of friends have had very unpleasant driving experiences with one of your examiners. We don't question the fact that they did not meet the driving requirements. We understand that sometimes the elderly make mistakes, as do young drivers. We are questioning why an examiner feels the need to yell at people while they are driving and why an examiner treats drivers with such disrespect when they are driving. We also understand that the examiners job is stressful, too, but how can rudeness and impatience foster a safe driving situation? It upsets drivers, who are already nervous about being tested, and no one can afford to have that happen when they are driving.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic Drive Test Tillsonburg
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