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Dear Management, if that is indeed the correct appellation in this matter before us. All I wanted to do, as a citizen of Malmsbury nearby, was to speak to the Manager as I must open a new account for my loan being finalised by YBR as its part of the requirement that I do so. I had also thought to discuss my moving from Westpac, in the city, my whole account and Asset base of over $10 million dollars but after being bummed around by a near incomprehensible phone voice and then put on hold for over 10 minutes. after I had hit sufficient keys to hopefully speak with someone at your office in Kyneton, I hung up. Please advise how I can now at least meet the requirements of my loan arrangement as I certainly won't entertain the idea of having my Banking needs met locally. Well at least with your Bank. How any Bank can justify the lack of a simple means of connecting directly to make an appointment with the Branch Manager to discuss such matters as outlined above, or even believe there is any efficiency or real cost savings by this new banking paradigm prevalent with nearly all the banks (like the Hyatt hotels etc there is the same corporate approach without any understanding of the human needs of customers) is beyond this lost customer.

Yours Truly
Ken Payne

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