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Please remove ALL INCORRECT phone numbers on the web for this store. YOU waste your customers time when trying find the phone number for this store...There are confusions numbers ...most incorrect

ALSO - your stock!
Also Just because you think yo are a "Small" store (which is actually INCORECT - it is quite a big store) - this doesn't mean you cant stock more choices of items in different categories
At present you have too many of the one item, often SELECT!!!, and very little choice of other manufacturers

I really try to look after your business there, but my patience is wearing REALLY thin!! and now have started going o Coles as it is easier to get to than your big store in the middle of Ballina Fair!

SMARTEN UP and stock more choice of the same item, instead of rubbish stuff! This in relation to many different categories

All I get told is
"This is a small store and we cant offer all the choices!!"
It is no smaller than other supermarkets which give better service and choice than here

Your losing customers!!x

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic Woolworths Ballina River St
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