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Hi, I'm just received a Garmin 2689lmt for my birthday, to replace my very-much-needing replacement 1450, which in turn replaced a 300. I've used quite a few Nuvis in my time. Smile

The thing that I am finding very odd with my 2689 is that when I have the navigation in "list mode", for lack of a better term.. in the turn-by-turn mode which is a text-based list of turns, rather than the visual map, it doesn't increment down the distance until the next turn as you are driving.

In other words, if the next instruction in the list is:

Turn right on Main St. 5.0mi

...then when you go one-tenth of a mile, it should read:

Turn right on Main St. 4.9mi

...and then

Turn right on Main St. 4.8mi

...and so on until you get to Main St. and make the turn.

Now this is the way it works with every single Garmin I have ever used over the years. But the 2689 just *stays at 5.0mi* (in this example) until you get to Main St., and then it moves on to the next item on the list. So you never know how far you actually are from the turn (unless you're listening to the voice prompts).

This *can't* be right, can it? I'm 99% certain that my unit must be defective...but before I spend hours on the phone with Garmin support ... are there any others out there with a 2689 and if so, can you please tell me if yours does this also properly (meaning, decreasing the distance displayed until the next turn)?

I otherwise *love* this new GPS (the voice command is pretty awesome)...and I'm *trying* to get used to using it in map mode, but I'm really a text-list-turn-by-turn kinda gal, and I can't just return it for a new one, as it's a gift from a fairly new boyfriend, and I *soooo* don't want to hurt his feelings!

So, is this something I have to live with, or is this particular 2689 defective?

Thank you!



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Well, for anybody else having this problem, we're out of luck. This is the extremely disappointing response that I received from Garmin:

Thank you for contacting Garmin International.

Unfortunately none of our new units will count down the mileage or distance on the turn by turn page. The turn by turn page does show the mileage or distance to the new turn, but the mileage or distance does not count down. There is no way to change this. This is just a change in our new units.

However if you go back to the view map screen it will show the countdown mileage or distance in the upper left corner of the map screen. The mileage or distance is just no longer showing on the turn by turn page.

Any ideas you would like to forward on to us about our products?

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you have any other questions, please email or call us at 1-800-800-1020 within the U.S. (1-866-429-9296 from Canada) from 8am-6pm M-Thursday and 8am-5pm Friday, Central time (excluding Holidays).

With Best Regards,

Customer Care - Automotive Team
Garmin International



913-440-8280 (fax)


GPS: Garmin 3790T

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I just got mine yesterday and took it for a spin just now. I have to say, compared to my 3790T, they have made some undesirable change. The cable connection to the GPS rather than the base is a very stupid idea. In addition, they changed some of its familiar menu system which makes one who is not so savvy life quite difficult. Reason I stick to Garmin all the time is to maintain the familiarity. After this, there is no reason for me to keep to Garmin. They seem to be doing what they can to destroy their business.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 2689

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I also got 2689 and I do not like the cable connection. As BGTEE explains, it is a pain in the b... Hope they had the cable connection to base as my old 760. And sometimes menus are confusing. I love the display and street and exit views.
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