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The GPS Data Team has the latest safety camera files for TomTom, Garmin, smartphones, iphones and many other popular handheld and built-in GPS brands.

Here you can download the latest updates:

Road Safety Cameras in Australia,
Road Safety Cameras in Austria,
Road Safety Cameras in Belgium,
Road Safety Cameras in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Road Safety Cameras in Brazil,
Road Safety Cameras in Bulgaria,
Road Safety Cameras in Canada,
Road Safety Cameras in China,
Road Safety Cameras in Croatia,
Road Safety Cameras in Czech Republic,
Road Safety Cameras in Denmark,
Road Safety Cameras in Finland,
Road Safety Cameras in France,
Road Safety Cameras in Germany,
Road Safety Cameras in Greece,
Road Safety Cameras in Hungary,
Road Safety Cameras in Ireland,
Road Safety Cameras in Italy,
Road Safety Cameras in Lithuania,
Road Safety Cameras in Malaysia,
Road Safety Cameras in Moldova,
Road Safety Cameras in Netherlands,
Road Safety Cameras in New Zealand,
Road Safety Cameras in Norway,
Road Safety Cameras in Poland,
Road Safety Cameras in Portugal,
Road Safety Cameras in Romania,
Road Safety Cameras in Russia,
Road Safety Cameras in Serbia,
Road Safety Cameras in Singapore,
Road Safety Cameras in Slovak Republic,
Road Safety Cameras in Slovenia,
Road Safety Cameras in South Africa,
Road Safety Cameras in Spain,
Road Safety Cameras in Sweden,
Road Safety Cameras in Switzerland,
Road Safety Cameras in Turkey,
Road Safety Cameras in the United Kingdom,
Road Safety Cameras in the United States.

The full list of other POI updates for a GPS is available here: POI updates.



GPS: Tomtom 920, TomTom VIA 160

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Just in case if you need OGG voice alert files:

Talking safety alerts:
Traffic camera ahead - download
Speed camera ahead - download
Redlight camera ahead - download
School zone ahead - download
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GPS: GO710 and TT Mobile

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Thanks Guys for the Data compilation! nice and easy the way I like it!
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GPS: TomTom One

Post Speed cameras for Tomtom     
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I have both Garmin and TomTom. I'm using these speed camera files since June 2004.
I keep all local POIs uptodate and will do that as long as I get free camera updates.
I already saved enough to buy a new GPS every 2nd year.
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GPS: HTC Touch Diamond

Post Red light and speed camera overlays for Tomtom     
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Safety camera overlays (red light and speed cameras) are excellent, but I also like user-created data overlays which are frequently updated, and can be used with other GPS software. The site's update history shows what overlays are available and how recently they've been updated.

Long time ago I used instructions on how to install the POI files and how to use tomtom OV2 files for other GPS software I have (Copilot).
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GPS: Tom Tom Xl one

Post hello to all existing members     
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Hi everybody !

Thanks Guys for the Data compilation! I direly needed the updates

Thanks once again

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Post Sweet     
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Now I wont get pulled over for speeding.....although I shouldn't drive as fast.

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GPS: TomTom One 125

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My need for certain POI locations and the recent discovery of this website was quite a revelation. While I do not want to glorify your brilliant concept, the overall experience for me was quite beneficial as it served to reinforce my analytical approach to things.
Rather than being impulsive, I have taken a more analytical approach to acquiring and updating my POI files.
I've found a quick and efficient method for updating POI files that includes POI locations suited to specific routes that I don't perform that often.
I also like the personal touch I can incorporate in creating poi files.

Thank you
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GPS: TomTom One

Post Thanks for the updates folks.     
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Got my first Satnav today, a TomTom One V2 and this site was a chance find but it's worth its weight in gold. I've resisted for 20 years of driving but I can avoid it no longer.

Got a few voices etc but the speed camera POI is the real boon, I can see it being very useful when i'm in a place I don't know and 'safety' cameras are in operation catching people who speed where signage is a bare minimum.
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GPS: TomTom One 140

Post Excellent     
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Thanks Guys for the Data compilation it is excellent!
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GPS: Tomtom GO 530

Post Gr8 poi     
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Funtastic site - Thanks
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GPS: TomTom

Post Re: Gr8 poi     
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Absolutely fantastice site!!!! Smile
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GPS: Nuvi 265wt

Post POI Files     
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Thanks for the files! Really love reading the forums. Very Happy
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GPS: samsung galaxy s3

Post Images showing in the Android Tomtom App     
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They have to be 24 x 24 and change from RGB to indexed color so as to allow the files to be saves as 8 bit bitmap files. Then they should show in the Android app.
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