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GPS: Garmin 1490T

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Hi All - Not sure if this is appropriate for this site as I have not seen any reference to Ordnance Survey maps yet but its worth a question as it is very much about GPS. I use memory map on an old ipaq 4700 via a bluetooth GPS receiver. It works really well - just as good as a dedicated GPS receiver. I am thinking of upgrading to the Google Nexus 7 - just because I need a bigger screen that I can see without glasses (it comes to us all). Does anyone have any experience of using OS mapping on an android tablet? I lead walks for the Ramblers Association and find GPS really helpful. I also always take maps and compass as a backup. Any input would be really appreciated.
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GPS: Garmin Zumo 550

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I own a Samsung GS2 (pretty similar to your Nexus in terms of software) and use an app called Locus, and a sister app which enables a load more maps, including 'home-made' sqlitedb maps, which can be created on a desktop pc - Mobile Atlas Creator is a suitable program for creating such files.

There are other options too, but most are pay, as the licensing costs from OS are quite high.
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GPS: Samsung Galaxy Note 2, rooted, PACMAN ROM, Copilot Live Premium

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Hi richardbickell,

The software is not a problem, but the screen vs eyes... I ended up getting Samsung Galaxy Note 2, so I could use it without glasses. It is easy to root (see xda-developers), which makes it very customisable. It can run the photosphere camera from Nexus as well.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Technology forum Reply to topic OS Mapping
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