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Hi folks.

I just learned something today that should be noted for Garmin POI files. A lot of European downloads were not working for me, and I posted the problem in the Garmin forum. The app developer said that the data has to be formatted using UTF-8 only. The POIs won't import using any other character set, depending on the model, etc. So, open it up in a good text editor and reformat using UTF-8 and you're golden.

HTH for those that are still stumped. I was trying to bring these into Garmin BaseCamp and most of them wouldn't go through, as they were formatted using Central European ISO-Latin 2. I am not sure if GPS Data Team outputs using that format, or the data is entered using that format...I'm not sure of the engine...but it has to be changed.

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If you know PHP, you can use the following code to convert from Latin-2 to UTF-8:

iconv("ISO-8859-2","UTF-8//TRANSLIT//IGNORE", $string);
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You can change your charset with our Garmin POI Manager.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in GPS POI Tools forum Reply to topic Formatting Stubborn POI Files
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