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Ford S Kimmel


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Jocelyn Vigreux, President
North American Corporate Office
150 Baker Ave
Concord MA 01742

Thank you in advance for helping me with this problem as I have spent the last 17 days on the phone with TomTom Customer Service (7+ calls), Amazon sales (3 calls), Amazon Customer Service (many locations) and Amazon Purchasing Group and numerous calls to TomTom North American Corporate in Mass.

With the recommendation from your Customer Service group in Mexico II purchased a VIA 1535TM with accessories, including charger, mounts, 2 each 8gb micro SD cards.

I have also recommended for purchase to two others the TomTom unit because this is my 4th TomTom.

This started 17 days ago when we confirmed plans to travel in Ireland and Italy this year with others since we like to group travel with 8 to 32 persons.

I have 3 other Tomtoms including a XL350 which I called TomTom to ask about downloading maps for Europe. Their response was that I would have to buy the map on line and take the North American maps off the unit to download the European maps. They told me if I purchased their new unit the VIA 1535 that it has a micro SD slot in which I could put the European maps and both sets of maps would function and be selectable. This was verified on an additional call to TomTom customer service which is located in Mexico after talking to a very knowledgeable representative.

After ordering the unit I called TomTom customer service again to verify how the download would be performed. They said to order the European maps and download to the computer and it will ask you if you want to download to the VIA 1535 or to the micro SD installed in the external slot on the VIA 1535. Again this was verified by TomTom customer service and they said all maps will be accessible work.

When I tried to do that download it only gave me the option to wipe the Canadian/north America/mexico maps before downloading the Europe maps

After calling Tomtom again they said the micro SD is not functioning at this time, nor do they know if it will ever be nor what to do.

I since tried calling your North American Office in Concord Mass on Jan 9th and response was that the complete staff is at the CES show in LasVegas. I asked the secretary to please have someone call me, which as of today Janurary 18, 2012 this has not happened.

Tomtom customer service was no help after talking to a Supervisor Alexandro (who at first said he was a Manager) and would not give me any information or contact information.

You're my last hope please. Maybe your staff could find out from Tomtom when the microSD function will be working or give me some options because I and 9 others are leaving for Ireland in 5 weeks with a car caravan and we would like to have a working tomtom gps in at least 3 vehicles.

I will be returning in 2 weeks to the East coast and driving to California then returning to Europe for another month and really would like to have the unit working.

Thanks, but I am not interested in the Garmin, I have 2 others waiting until this problem is resolved. (1 has already ordered another Via1535)

I asked Tomtom to supply me with a free map for my XL350 so I would have to take 2 GPS's to Europe, back, across country, back to Europe and they said they would only give me a new "voice"………..ridiculous…..

I just would like my Tomtom to do what it was designed for.
Could you put some pressure on corporate to get me an answer.

Thanks in advance for expediting this request…

Please keep me in the loop as to progress on this request.

I feel that I am the forerunner for anyone else expecting the VIA 1535 to work and to resolve this problem quickly.

Ford S Kimmel


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Was thinking of changing to a Tom Tom for the next GPS, but after reading of the lack of help / assistance / backup for the product, think I may stay with the brand I have been using for the last 9 years...
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Sorry you did not browse on the TT forums before buying.
It is a well know fact that the SD slots on the new devices do not work.
And that's not the only thing - a number of features found on older types are gone as well.
TT used to be the best, now it's crap. (so is support)
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic Thanks in advance for helping me with this problem.
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