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I recently purchased an App for my Nokia N97 mini called View Ranger is seem very accurate if I lock in my location say home and paddle down the river it will bring me home. The problem is that it was originally set up for northern hemisphere and contacted the support and they sent the following:
First go to Settings then UI and change your coordinate type to Lon / Lat D M S. Then when you use Enter POI, or tap the top right of the top bar and choose Manual location, the coordinates will be in the right format.

Have tried this unfortunatley is not working entered co ord for Reef Balls went out for a paddle off Nords Wharf when in the vicinity of the Reef Balls and said I was 14klm away. Co ord entered s33.05.971 E151.36.945

Here are my UI options; 1/ National Grid 2/ 10 digit grid reference 3/ 8 digit grid reference 4/ Lon/Lat(degree ' ") 5/ Lon/Lat(D.M.M) 6/Lon/Lat(decimal) 7/ ITM 8/ UTMWGS84 9/UTM NAD27
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in GPS Phones forum Reply to topic View Ranger
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