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Hey guys,

I want to know what your take on retrieving Navman data is. I need to get the saved "My Places" out of my MT65T and into a notepad file. I rung Navman and they suggested a third party software, but I can't quite figure out where or what I am after.

When I look into the Navman's directory, I see a lot of unknown files. KML? They're all foreign to me.

Could anyone help, or point me in a direction?

Thanks in advance!


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I quite often access "My Places" data using WordPad for various reasons, generally to fix up names that I find I have made mistakes in during creating of "my Places".

To access this data find the file "MyFavourites"Locations.xml" which you will find in the path "E:\Program Files\Navman\SmartST_CE\UserData", where "E:" is the drive on your Navman.

I generally copy this file to my PC/Laptop for manipulation, after making a backup just in case I screw up. LOL.

Denis Green
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Navman forum Reply to topic Retrieving "My Places" Data
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