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I've just bought a TomTom XL2 IQ routes European. As I needed the Euro option and a device that did navigation only. After using it for a week I decied to update it and registar it with tom tom, upon updateing it I had to remove 8 of the 23 countries that are on the devices and all the non-English voices.
So as I update the maps again I will lose more contries and in 6mths time it will propabbly be a UK-IE device only. I thinks this is deliberate by tom tom so you have to keep buying new devices every year.
Yes, I know the removed maps are on my pc but I don't want to keep changing things around.
I bought something to do a certian job and it wont do it so
"NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE" - I have sent a communication to tomtom but don't expect any joy from a large company, just a standard company sorry you are not happy letter. Mad


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TomTom has indeed a very poor user service... Had one a few years ago, and started to bug quite quickly. Started with address disappearing from my GPS, connection errors, wrong addresses, just like if tomtom service was off... Changed it very quick and now using my Nokia phone GPS which feels much better to me.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Technology forum Reply to topic Tom tom update woos
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