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I'm doing research on how SatNav systems function. My questions are:
I own a Gammin Nuvu 255. Have bought maps for USA and Europe. Is there any way I can view the actual address data in these files. In other words, if I choose an address for which Garmin/NAVTEQ providesPoint Address data, then somewhere in the files should be the address and the lat/longh values. Yes?

Is there any way I can view these data files? I don't want to edit them, just view. Or export to CSV files so i can view in Excel.

New Question: Does anyone know APPROXIMATELY what percent of the addresses in the NAVTEQ files does NAVTEQ give Address Point data, that is, an actual lat/long value. Just a very approx. estimate.

Further, for those address where there are not Point Address lat/long values, then the SatNav has to use an interpolation and sort of guess where along the road the address is. My question is, is this interpolation done "on-the-fly" or has it alrerady been done by NAVTEQ/Garmin and the estimate lat/long are what is actually intered in the database.

Thanks in advance for your help. If you don't know answers, can you point me in the right direct to find the answers.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in SatNav Discussion forum Reply to topic Question from a Newbie
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