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GPS: Garmin 255W

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Hi all,

I live in Bay area. I have Garmin 255W and also iPhone.

Anything can be done to avoid (particularly 101 Hwy) with my current belongings with any subscriptions or any suggestion for better GPS??

My main requirement is:

Identify the traffic in little advance and suggest/show me an alternate route to save my time.

Thank you in advance...
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GPS: nuvi1390T

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Recently my Garmin advised heavy traffic ahead. I used the detour suggested & found when I rejoined the main route I was merging with vehicles I recognised which had not taken the detour. The detour route had more traffic than usual & hence the travel times were much slower than the posted speed limits making the detour no quicker than the congested main route. The lesson I learned was don't always trust the detour advice.
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GPS: Garmin 265WT

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Ditto to terry_hannah. If you are going to a very unfamiliar area or taking a route you never had before, it's a good idea to print the directions. Just like Terry said, the alternate route may not be the best & construction is sometimes not always known by every site or service.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Technology forum Reply to topic Traffic avoidance
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