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GPS: Tomtom go720

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I've got a Galaxy S with Copilot and it is grouse, if you have an Android phone then this app is a must.
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GPS: tomtom

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so it does not use data plan i take it?
does it have a 3D road HD view?
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GPS: GoogleMaps,TOMTOM

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How fast is it to get directions
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It does have 3D and no it does not require a data connection to work. Maps are downloaded to your SD card and are read from there.


GPS: Nokia e6-00

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I agree fully, I tried various other products and I have to admit, Copilot is by far superior to any other product out there at present.
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GPS: Copilot

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Same with me, I use now 3 years Copilot, first on the HTC desire and now on the Samsumg Galaxy nexus. It works fine and is stable.

They have now also a function to port serial id by button click to a new mobile. before you had to deactivate your serial on the old phone and to activate on the new one..this was terribale when you are flashing new ROMs all the time...
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GPS: Samsung Galaxy Note 2, rooted, PACMAN ROM, Copilot Live Premium

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A year after the last post... The new Copilot Live Premium became quite usable after the update... and after getting a phone with a larger screen - SGN2. The last version can issue speed and camera alerts even without a route! The only problem is lack of mobile cameras POI. This is why I came to this forum... A similar problem is with petrol stations - e.g. one can't display just Shell. I'll try and report back the setup once everything is sorted.

To the earlier query - Copilot uses mobile data in the field only for advanced search. This assumes that all installation, map downloads and other administration is done at home on wifi.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 255W

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I have been using Copilot now for 6 months. It has a nice interface and seems accurate.
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GPS: Zumo 550, Zumo 660, Navman 265LMT

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Is there any updated feedback on the Copilot app on Android or iOS?
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GPS: Tom Tom Go Android App

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I used Co Pilot for several years and was very happy with it, then they decided to mend it - although it wasn't broken!!

The user interface was never very transparent, but after the major update of a year or two ago I switched to the Tom Tom App. In my opinion it's even better than Co Pilot was before they "improved" it!
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