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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 660

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Hello All,

Great product firstly! One question though I am interested to know if you can enter waypoints for a defined destination?

Strange question you may ask... well occasionally when I enter a destination I get directed through the city (Melbourne) area or a high traffic area when I know that I can go a better way BUT I don't know how to go all the way if you follow me.

An example... I need to go to Footscray from Eltham and I am directed to go through a high traffic area (Carlton etc)... the Ring Rd would be a better option but want guidance from the ring rd once I close to the destination. I could just go all the way I know and follow the GPS from there I suppose...

Anyway interested to hear feedback.


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Hi I have the same model and I am in Melbourne as well so what I do is drive there the way I want to then let it take me the last bit...maybe not the right way but it works..I have lots of other questions so I will post them one day when I get time



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You can select a via point and the Nuvi will guide you to your destination via that point. In that way you can direct the Nuvi to go a particular way. Just call up your destination in the usual way, then after it has calculated the route, call up another address/suburb/waypoint/intersection as your via point. It will then ask if you want to travel to your destination via this new point.



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You can only put in one waypoint per route. I queried this with Garmin, but so far have had no reply.


GPS: Nuvi 660

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As you suggested, drive as far as you can via the alternative route and let garmin help you from there. that's easier.

What I also do on mine now is to turn off highways, so that it will not direct me to the highway by default. now I learn new byways and passages I didn't knew existed, even around my area.

can't wait till they ditch the whereis maps. its hopeless.
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