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Hi all,

I have an Android HTC Desire (via T-Mobile), beautiful phone and very fast, with an internal GPS. Loaded loads of apps.

For GPS, I currently use the Google Maps (with full directions) and have also got Navigon ver: 2.5.1 which I have used now and again (to test), though I am not too sure if it is very good!

Let me explain, I will be touring via a motorhome many parts of France and I will be restricted (unless anyone knows differently!) to not using Google Maps due to the data costs in France.

Anyone have any ideas?

Also how would I export maps (POI) from google maps or Google Earth to Navigon?

Thanks all,



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Hi using the HTC Nexus One... And I'm not using data, only Wifi. So this way I don't pay for data connexion.
But the Maps appl need a data connexion to download in real time the maps. On wifi it is fine, but I can not good far since I don't use the data on 3G.

Is there a way to preload all maps and use it offline? Is there another appl that do that?



GPS: Copilot8/Android

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Copilot8 For andriod is a totally offline GPS with no need for live data (although you can use it for traffic conditions etc)
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Like 838Joel says, when using an App (in this case your google maps) it is DATA ONLY and you should not have any additional fees (only when making international calls)
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GPS: Galaxy Note 2

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Get an app that can download a cache of background maps (while connected to a WIFI network). They you can use your phone for navigation offline just like a custom GPS device.

I have been trying Maverick (for android) that is the best I have found.
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I think downloading modified google map is a good choice, especially for rooted android phone.
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GPS: Samsung Galaxy Note 2, rooted, PACMAN ROM, Copilot Live Premium

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It depends upon how long one spends abroad. An option is to unlock the phone and buy a local SIM card. Another option is to switch to a provider that offers no-cost roaming in certain countries (e.g. Three UK). The third option is to install off-line navigation software.

Note, Google navigation requires mobile data even with cached maps.

Another thing to note is that SIM unlocking can be done at low or no cost, depending on the phone model.
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