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I have just purchased a Navman MY50T. Before this I used a Navman F20 since 2006. The MY50T ability to name the streets and to inform you which lane to move into is a great improvement.
I have installed some extra pois from this website such as camp grounds, petrol stations, caravan parks ect. I wondered if some people more experienced than myself could advise me what to set the alarm distance at for some of the different pois . THANKS
Yours Bazza
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GPS: xl340

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I have found that the alarm distance should be governed by the speed you are expected to arrive at the POI.
For example if you are travelling in a town at 50kph, then probable 200m is fine, however if you are travelling at 110kmp, the I set mine to be 400m. This gives me time to react.
A problem I have found with the preinstalled short speed camera distance is that if you set an alarm at 200m, which at 110kmp requires a quick check of the speedo, then heavy braking if required.
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Hi thanks very much for your very helpful answer. I have since purchased a TOMTOM XL 250 and have used your advice to set the distances for its POI as well. THANKS.
Sorry to take so long to thank you. I have been traveling around Australia in my camper van and not been on this site for a while.

Yours Baza.
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GPS: Navman MY65T

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found the same thing navman should adjust according to speed
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GPS: Navman 55T

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I have been using:

Redlight - 200 m
Speed - 400 m.
Both audible and visual seems to be a good compromise.

Regards, Joe
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Navman forum Reply to topic Navman MY50T POI
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