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GPS: 885T

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I recently purchased Garmin GPS System 885t and I must say that it is one of the best Garmins gps units that I have ever own, although I
had to update the firmware to 4.70, but it was a free update.

This is the software update if you need to updatre yours to 4.70:

- Nuvi 885T software version 4.70 as of December 28, 2009 (59.26 MB)
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GPS: 885T

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I concur 110%. Had a 265T and then a 765T and now an 885T for the last week, $260 USD. New. There are a bunch of refurbs for $220 or so. Much better touch registration, cleaner screen display, faster, better voice volume, among other things. Without the upgraded ROM 4.70 installed, you will indeed probably have issues with this model though. Voice Control seems as good as my Toyota Venza SAT NAV unitas well, however there is not limitation on area coverage, RAM is much faster than the DVD-ROM in the car, and updates do not cost $200!

So far, I recommend the 885T highly. I would hate losing the voice control function down the road.

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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 855

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I concure too! I have the 855 and I'm completely happy with it. I had a 765 before.
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I concur. I've had my 885T for about a year.

PROS: as indicated plus bluetooth. I have a 16g microSD card and it holds my European City Navigator maps, plus music. It supports MP3, Flac and wave music files. Voice activation is fantastic.

CONS: doesn't support WMA music files. I've had a Street Pilot III and still have and use a SP 2610. Speed if the 885T is better than those, but still could be faster. Doesn't support BT music from smartphone.
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