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I understand that the Nissan Note Connect SatNav is a Blaupunkt system and having downloaded some GPS data onto my USB Memory Stick, I tried to load it into my Connect System and it doesn't do anything after saying that a USB has been connected.

Does anyone know why there is a problem as my Nissan is brand new and 24 hours old. The pre-loaded POI's work fine. Do I have to use a convertor, if so which one, as I assumed that the GPS on this website was correct for whichever system you download from and it would be read automatically ? Confused
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Hi there

You can use Blaupunkt CSV files or Garmin POI's.

For OV2 files I use these OV2 to CSV POI converters: (OV2 converter) and (GPS POI Editor)

Copy all CSV files on a USB key into a folder [MyPOIWarnings] under a folder [MyPOIs]

Turn on the Nissan Connect GPS and insert the USB key.
It'll then ask to update and modify the distance warning.

In summary, it's just a simple copy and paste - copy all downloaded or converted CSV files to /MyPOIs/MyPOIWarnings



GPS: Nissan Connect

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I had a similar prob with my memory stick.
Nissan connect identified the stick was there but wouldn't download.
Tried another stick which worked.
So I scanned original stick with security suite, then reformated the stick.
Then it worked.
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Select POI Files at top of Page on GPS Data Team Site.
Select Country (United Kingdom)
Select POI Catagory (Road Safety)
Select UK Speed Cameras (This is an all in one for UK camera sites)
Click on Download POI File Button
You will be asked to Login. If you are not a member I would recommend registering.
Once you are logged in click on Download POI File button again.
Select POI Download format (Blaupunkt POI csv)
Save this file (camera_UK.csv) to a location on your PC.
Plug a USB stick into a USB port onto your PC and confirm it is formatted as FAT32 file system ( Important as FAT file format will not download to nissan connect).
Create a folder on the USB stick called myPOIs
Open the myPOI folder and create a folder called myPOIWarnings
Copy the camera_uk.csv file from where you saved it on your PC and paste it into the myPOIWarnings folder on the USB stick.
Take USB stick and plug into USB audio slot on car and Nissan Connect will recognise it and ask if you want to download.
Job Done
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When loading My POI's via USB Stick, does it also delete the factory POI's on the SD Card? Or only any previously USB loaded POI's?


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I have a Qashqai with connect fitted.
I had the same problem so I reformatted the memory stick to FAT 32.
That cured it.



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When I enter a poi for Nissan navigator in this format
98.798 45.665 Grassland, SD
the Nissan navigator gives me this E098°47'52.40156 N45°39'54.44476
Can anyone tell why this is happening? The location is about 200 miles from home location. Nissan navigation tells me it is 5000 miles from home and cannot calculate destination.



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Hi Rw,
Is that you again?
It's not the Nissan's fault.
Read this before you buy a new one:
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Try -98.798.

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