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GPS: Navman S90i

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I have a S90i which I believe should give me voice turnings...via street names. Unfortunatly I cannot get this to work.
Anyone had the same issue...any help would be appreciated
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The TTS or spoken street names are only working with certain Navman voices (e.g., Karan, Lee). Others only speaks the turns.

To activate TTS go to voice option and activate either Lee or Karan voice.



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Run Nav desk & connect S90i
Select voice transfer from menu on left hand side
Transfer the english TTS files (uk, us & aus) to the S90i by selecting them from the 'available voice menu' column & hitting 'install selected voice' at the bottom of the same column
Disconnect S90i & select either of these files via preferences menu on the sat nav & road names should then be spoken

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Navman forum Reply to topic Navman S90i Street Voices
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