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Would you rather use a map or a GPS system for navigation?

My partner insists on using his Garmin for every trip and I feel that you can actually get more lost using a sat nav as you have no overall image understanding of where you are.
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The hole idea of GPS is that you can throw away the map book and relay on the navigator.
I agree when they first come out they had some major bugs and believe me i've been bitten.
But now they are better then ever.

I think its time you pull that street map down and stepped into the future
cause your not going to have much of a chose soon. I read a few weeks ago that by 2015 there will be no such thing as a street directory. Well on paper anyway.

Hope this helps
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I choose GPS. It helps me to keep eyes on the map and hands on the wheel.
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I do prefer the GPS - and keep a paper Map as a backup - the more familiar you become with your GPS the more confident you will be.
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That's what the government tells marine navigators, and it applies just as well in cars.

I look at the map to get an understanding of where I'm going and what lies around it.

Then I use the Nuvi because it nags me, reminds me, saves me the trouble of looking on scraps of paper while I'm driving.

And because I've seen the map already, when the Nuvi screws up as it often does, I can figure out the rest instead of following the blind blindly.

Your partner is driving? Pardon me but...shut up and let him drive his way. If you want to do it your way, get in the seat and say "Honey I'll drive today." As long as he gets there and he's happy about how he gets there, just relax and enjoy the other seat. (If he ISN'T getting there by using the satnav, that's something else again.)



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I had a vast collection of maps, atlases, street plans and guide books, I also have a wife who is totally unable to understand the concept of maps, I want to keep my wife!!!
My GPS is fast, accurate, and is let down by its ability to suggest roads I would not take, cart tracks private drives etc. But thats why I'm here, the GPS suggests the route, if I dont like it the machine will recalculate.
I still carry a map but especially on long journeys I rely on the GPS it saves time, money and strife.

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