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Does anyone know the location of the favourites file(s) in TomTom 6? I want to upgrade to TomTom 7 and wish to copy them across.
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You could try to copy the MapSettings.cfg. When I look at that file with notepad I see my favorites. But I think this file keeps more settings, like Home address and other settings.
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GPS: TomTom Navigator 7

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quite correct.. just find the mapsettings.cfg in the relevant map and copy it to your new map directory.. all your favourites etc will transfer
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GPS: TomTom Go 720

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Slightly off topic but a lot of people have complained of losing favourites when map updating, you don't get fair warning from tt either. I found this out by doing a search where others have had the same problem. There were weird and wacky ways of fixing prob but I had not done a back up for a few days so was able to retrieve favourite from a file before the map update.
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Graycon is on the money,

I did the same and lost the lot, so before doing a map update copy the .cfg file.
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