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GPS: Nuvi 760

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Newbie here. I uploaded my POI file from a single folder using POI Loader. It created a single POI file on my 760. Is there an advantage of having different categories/folders? I have read many topics about this and it is still not clear to me. Can you search the different POI files by category on the Nuvi if you upload them from separate folders? If you have more than one category, are they all available as POI's to the unit at the same time? Rolling Eyes
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GPS: KNA-G430 Kenwood

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Put all of your POI Files from all of your categories, along will all the .bmp and .mp3 related files into one folder. The POI Loader software will combine all of your individual POI files, into one poi.gpi file either on your gps or on your SD card for importing to your GPS.
Once this file is imported into your GPS, you should be able to select and scroll through each of the categories from the custom poi screen on your GPS.
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GPS: Nuvi,760

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What I have noticed from experience is that the POI loader will only load one main file onto the unit (760). However, you can have numerous subfolders inside that main folder that you can organize your POI's into. The complete main folder with all the subfolders is then loaded all together into your unit. You could probably get around this some other way and I believe someone posted a way to do it some months back but I don't recall it exactly. It had something to do with renaming the folder(s) but I found the above method does work. The folders can be maintained or updated on your computer prior to loadfing them into your unit.

Hope this helps.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 765, Garmin 3950LMT, Garmin 2455LMT, Navman40, Garmin StreetPilot 3

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Make sub-folders under POI folder, put your warnings etc into their respective folders and use POI loader to transfer to your garmin. Does it all in one file, but readable on the garmin in the order you selected on your puta..
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GPS: Nuvi 760

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Thanks for the info on how to do this. Much better to have some sub folders to help order the POIs Shocked
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GPS: Nuvi 765T

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Hello Everyone,
I organize my folders as follows. This seems to work the best for me.


Dunkin Donuts
Best BBQ's in the South
Tim Horton's

Road Safety:
Speed Traps
Red Light Cameras

Camping World

Tourist Locations:
Nascar Tracks
Big Things
Offbeat Tourist Locations

Rental Car Locations
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 1340

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Better still, if you are planning to travel a lot, you can still organize it further by country, e.g. Hotels_FR, Hotels_UK ..... and also have a separate folder for different types of speed cameras.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 760

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Hi Everybody

I have organised mine this way.
I have different files such as :
Camps and Caravan Parks

What I have done is to load each category separately using POI Loader and changing the name from poi.gpi to camps.gpi and so on then copy these gpi files to my GPS.
This way if you need to update only one file you don't have to reload all of your POI's.

You can split up your POI files into as many categories as you want.

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GPS: Garmin NUVi 650

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I there a way to add my poi file to the unit main categories, e.g my restaurants to be shown under garmin restaurants?
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GPS: Garmin 465t

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I think many of us do a variation on a theme.
My personal one is to have folders on my PC for each country to be visited, and within these sub folders for such as-

I load each country in, which will include the subfolder as catagories on my nuvi_465.
As I load each country I rename the file on the Nuvi to be UK_PoI (eg).
I also ensure that each of the gpx (and bmp) files are named with the country first - eg

This way they are easy to find when travelling around - you dont have to look through them all to find the french supermarkets for example.

Hope this helps others

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