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Any help welcome, I contacted Navman help desk but they were no help .

I have a Navman f20 which was working fine then it started telling me LOW BATTERY . I ordered a new in car charger and mains charger beacuse i thought they were faulty. I have now plugged in the mains charger to the unit and it will not switch on at all, Can anyone tell me if the unit can work without the battery as it is now connected to the mains charger or do i need a new battery for it.

Any info most appreciated

Cheers RAy


GPS: Navman F20

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Battery may have failed, which batteries do after some time. It should work ok if you plug it into the power, be it lighter, mains or USB.

Otherwise you may have to look in this forum for a repairer to put a new battery in it..... search more in the forum, I am sure there is some other thread I saw a year or two agao on the topic.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Navman forum Reply to topic Navman F20 - Low Battery
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