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GPS: Nuvi 760

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I'm guessing I'm not the first to make this post but have multiple questions and after reading the forum I seem to be more confused. I would greatly appreciate input for a new nuvi760 owner to get up and running as well participate in return.

1. I use a Mac to begin, upon download attempt (CSV) it appears the file may not be recognized as it would not take a seat any where.

2. POI (red light, speed cam's and traps) ... a major reason I purchased the GPS and registered here. living in a tri state area, what is the best way to download or is it covered in the region?
3. If i downloaded the entire US for trips etc. would this have an affect on my unit?

4. Is there list for required downloads for certain files such as speech (mp3) for the camera's and other files of interest?

Thanks in advance, perhaps there are some other 760 owners (or others) that recently went thru the start up / set up learning curve and could lay it all out bing-bam-boom!

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GPS: Nuvi 760

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Hi There, I'm from Australia so the red light camera POI's are not as numerous as in the States. However I do use a Nuvi 760 and I'm very happy with it.

Obviously if you download many POI locations, say in the thousands, it will slow the unit down somewhat. I always place the red light cameras directly on my units memory and not on an SD card. Red light cameras usually have a proximity zone with them that, on this site, can be adjusted to your liking (I use one hundred metres). They can be downloaded in GPX format with the proximity zone and audio (if included).

I'm not sure about the mac as I use a good old piece of your Yankee technology called a Dell !

I save my files from here to a directory on C:\ drive and then using Garmin POI loader I upload them to my unit. One important point to remember is that with custom POI's the POI loader will delete existing POI files when it loads. This usually means reloading all files that you use. It doesn't take long though and the files will be loaded into the Nuvi's GPX directory.

Enjoy your Nuvi - they're a great unit.
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GPS: Nuvi 760

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Thanks for your thoughts there mate!
I'm finding my to simply load Traffic (Speed, RL Cams). I've done the following:
connect the 760 to my MAC
download the application open them in a dedicated folder.
drag the application to the Garmin Drive Icon on my desktop
download the files example 35 mph speed in bmp,csv and gxp and repeat this for each. I only attempt to load my area.

Well, my initial post sort of spelled out info I was after as well for others who may be just getting started. I did follow the instructions listed in the post " Links to free Garmin POI files (POI Loader GPX and CSV data) "

Oh may worth mentioning, unit was a bit sluggish when selecting icons after the above...a few second delay but corrected.

Dump that Dell!!! No PC fan here! ...geez I hope my problems are because of my OS!!! it's 2009...... PC only files "should" be a thing of the past... And I wish for zero Windows program infecting my Macworld.
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GPS: Nuvi,760

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Hi Justin,

I also use a Mac with my 760. To answer some of your questions:

1 )I usually load the cvs or gpx files to my desktop and subsequently drag them into a folder I created to sort and store them for later loading. The cvs files can be viewed in 'exel' only as far as I know (perhaps also in 'numbers' but I don't know for sure).

2) I downloaded all the speed traps, redlight cameras, etc., and more, for all of Canada and the US and everything seems to be working properly so you should have no issues installing everything you want directly into the unit. When the 760 is connected to your Mac, right click on the desktop icon and 'get info' and you will be able to see how much unused space is left on your unit. Another option would be to load them on a SD card but I prefer the former.

3) If you want to be alerted by icon and speech, you must download and install the associated mp3 and bmp files, ensure they are named EXACTLY the same (with the exception of the extension name) and install them in the same folder prior to loading into the 760.

I realize this is only a brief outline and you may have further questions but I hope it helps a llittle.

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