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I just got a new TomTom GO 730 with the latest maps. I do not believe the ACT speed limits are loaded on it and am curious if anyone else has noticed the same?

Around Canberra none of the posted street limits appear to be in the database, even on the major roads that have been there for 20 years.

I took a run along the Barton Highway and as soon as you cross into NSW they appear. The same happens on the Federal going north, as well as on a couple of the minor roads (one of which is dirt) when they cross the border.

Has Sensis forgotten Canberra, the State of Confusion?

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I appear to have the same problem.
I have put some in myself, but they appear to stay in force for other sections and roads until overwritten by another set.

I have not noticed about NSW roads as I have just bought my XL and have not yet taken it on a trip.



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That's weird - I have a 930 and they are on there for many streets. I wasn't aware of that being one of the distinguishing features between the 730 and 930. I am guessing you have updated your 730s on tomtom home? The pity is that I think it is a useless feature and don't want it - I have caught it out as being wrong so many times and don't really trust it.
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Yes you need to connect to tomtom home and download map updates to get the latest speed limit that useres have submitted.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic Canberra speed limits
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