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GPS: tomtom 720

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I have spent the last ten days dealing with Mio on the phone. Call the number, and its a VOIP line to the Phillipines. Staff are less than helpful, wont return calls and wont provide details of Reps in Oz.

Due to their upgrade I now have a Navman OS in a Mio body that is to all effects a $350.00 paperweight.

Now I own a Tomtom 730. Had a small issue, rang the technical support number, 2 minutes on hold and a lovely lady called Anna sorted out all my problems with an invitation to call back if I needed to. I couldn't be happier with Tom-tom service.

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MIO technical support call centers:

MIO Austria: 0900-150055
MIO Belgium: 0900-51023
MIO Germany: 0900-1110999
MIO Italy: 899-929292
MIO Ireland: 1540-932300
MIO Luxembourg: 900-44026
MIO Switzerland: 0900-150055
MIO Netherlands: 0900-9933666
MIO UK: 0905-4640010
MIO Denmark: 08233 3109
MIO Finland: 09 8171 0253
MIO France: 089270 1612
MIO Norway: 02350 0063
MIO Portugal: 70778 4287
MIO Spain: 80707 5001
MIO Sweden: 08 5199 2352
Mio USA and Canada: 1-866-646-4477

Mio Technology's European headquarter is located nearby Brussels, Belgium. Address:

Mio Technology Europe
Zone 5 Mollem 318
1730 Asse (Mollem)

Mio Technology UK Limited
Spectrum House
Beehive Ring Road
London Gatwick Airport
Gatwick, RH6 0LG
United Kingdom



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TBF - I dialled the UK support line and they were pretty good - got me moving fairly quickly - and I'm not usually one to champion these help lines.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Mio forum Reply to topic Technical support
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