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GPS: Navman S80

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I purchased a brand new NAVMAN S80 today. I am in the middle of setting it up, and am in the NavDesk program. Within NavDesk I am clicking on "my subscriptions" then selecting "United Kingdom" then selecting "safety camera data.......... v7.1032 - 12 months" then "unlock with activation key" this is where I am stuck?

Where do I find this "activation key" as my thinking was, that the Navman came with 12 months free safety camera updates?

There are only 2 possible keys I can see:

1 is printed on the back of the CD-ROM, looks something like this 565**675**54 R01 (some numbers blanked out on purpose)

1 is printed on the manual packaging, looks something like this 452**750**04 R01 (some numbers blanked out on purpose)

Any advise would be great!
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GPS: Garmin 750

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Hi you product key is on the bottom of the gps it is the number next
to the name and model of you unit.
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xtreme__boi wrote:
... I would need to purcahse a key. Quite confused about that, considering the Navman S80 is meant to be supplied with 12-months FREE safety camera updates!

Another surprise from Navman.

GPS Guru


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All Navman devices are preloaded and no keys are needed to activate anything. The number on the back of the DVD is a part number and not a code.
The Activation section is to activate additional mapping or cameras.

The S series come pre-loaded with a trial version of data, that doesnt mean you get free updates for a year. The data already existing will be free for year. after that it will expire.
If you like the data on the device you can subscribe.


GPS: TomTom XL

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I am not sure what you are trying to do.

In Australia, and I would have thought it would be the same in UK, the Safety Camera data is loaded with the maps. In fact in Australia the Safety Camera data is provided to NAVMAN by the same people who provide the maps, and at the same time.

Once supplied to NAVMAN, and are associated to the maps, they are considered by NAVMAN to be current for a year. This where the GPS Data Team updates come into place. You can either create your own POI files, or just install the GPS Data Team files to keep your system up to date.

Having said the above, in Australia (do not know about the UK), the S Series NAVMANs appear to have problems with displaying personal POI ICONS. For example, the ICONs on my S50 show at the top of the screen for a few seconds, then disappear, although I do get the associated warning message. If I stop for a period of time, and turn off the S50, when I turn it back on, the ICONs appear where they are meant to. However start driving, and they disappear again. The NAVMAN Australian Support team have advised that this occurs as there appears to be a screen rending problem causing the ICONs to be over written. Not sure if they are just referring to my S50, but I doubt it as there are other posts in this forum with the same problem.
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Hi, I bought an S80 a month ago from a store and went down the same route of trying to activate the speed cameras and maps, WRONG. The maps are already installed with the 2008 map and a version of the speed camera database. Halfords were advertising the Navman S80 as having"
"Safety camera data is preloaded onto the unit. After a 12 month period, the Safety Camera data will be disabled. The Safety Camera data in your Sat Nav remains useable after the 12 month subscription period, even though you may decide not to renew the subscription.

The speed camera years trial is activated when the unit is first turned on. After a year this trial ends and it is up to you whether you renew. The speed camera data loaded from new will be out of date, this is only a trail to show you how it works. The map update offer ends 31/1/09. They will notify you when the 2009 map is available (May/June 2009)."

To update the Safety Camera data visit
It is recommend to update POIs every month or two, to ensure it is kept up to date.

Don't forget to download the software update through NavDesk (whilst connected to the internet and with your S80 connected to the computer with the supplied cable). Turn on the S80 after connected and wait for the USB symbol to appear on the S80 screen. Then go into NavDesk.

Hope this helps, the instructions were not that clear.



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Here you can download the latest speed camera updates as long as you want:



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bought a navman MY660LMT 10 months ago. It now says it needs a product key. Trouble is there seems to be nowhere to enter this on the website. Tried auto updating software which it did - but it still requires a product key (I assume that is the serial number). Anyhow I seem to have exhausted places to try to enter. Where is the address I need to visit?

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