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GPS: Garmin nuvi 200

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Im running Garmin nuvi 200, my first GPS, love it. I dont write code but im not computer illiterate either =).

I downloaded and installed the red light camera and speed camera POIs sucessfully. When aproaching an intersection with a red light camera, I recieve a visual and an audible warning (SWEET!). However, when aproaching a speed camera location, I see the icon showing the location on the screen, but no audible warning even if I'm exceeding the posted speed.

Two questions,
1) Am I supposed to recieve an audible when aproaching speed cameras or only if exceeding the speed?
2) Is there a way to change the speed camera file to give an audible regardless of speed just like the red light camera warning?

I noticed while uploading with POI uploader that the speed files had the box checked that said "file contains proximity information" so I was under the impression that if you exceeded the speed set by the file within the proximity parameter you would get an audible.

Thx for any input
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GPS: nuvi 680

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How did you load the POI via GPX or CSV if you loaded them via GPX the alerts are set up in the file I am not sure how they work if they are csv
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Speed Cameras Proximity Alerts
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